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April is National Volunteer Month և Promoting Youth Independence celebrates the many members of the community who stood up to support local caregivers in the Santa Clarita Valley five years before the organization was founded.

A total of 134 volunteers donated their talents to a non-profit organization, including being an ally, board member or educator, or helped with youth events, fundraising, and administration.

“We are incredibly grateful to all of our volunteers who have generously donated their time and talent to our youth,” said Carolyn Olsen, CEO, Co-Founder. “Especially vital is FYI’s mission as an Ally, a caring adult who teames up with young people to support, encourage, and join us in changing the lives of their young people, overcoming challenges that are endemic to young people.”

One of the allies, Wayne Karatso, recently wrote in a blog post about volunteering with “Promoting Youth Independence.” Read Karatu’s blog here.

“I have been volunteering there for almost two years. I’m an ally, unlike just a tutor, a young man who has just finished high school, attending a local community college. “He is now thinking of starting his own business. As his ally, I will be there to encourage and provide moral support.” “As the name suggests, promoting youth independence is the goal, but caring youth must also learn to be interdependent. Many do not trust adults, often for good reason. It is hard for them to believe that someone will take care of them, at least without being paid for it. “By building trust and relationships with young people, you show that there are people you can count on; they will be there when you need it, whether it’s moving furniture to the first apartment, filling out a tax return or helping with math homework.”

Karatsi said that interdependence goes in “two ways”.

“I hope I helped and encouraged my youth when I knew them, but I know I have gained a lot of positive things from our relationship. She, like many young people I have met in the program, has a big heart and is always ready to help others. “I can not help but be inspired when I see how these children overcome such difficult circumstances and develop the skills needed to become successful adults,” said Karatsi.

Karatsi stressed that “Promoting Youth Independence” is an amazing organization that serves the SCV, that there is a need for volunteers, citing some statistics that show the need.

– More than 23,000 children drop out of the foster care program each year

– 20% of them will go homeless immediately after turning 18

– Only half of aging caregivers will find a lucrative job before the age of 24

– Less than 3% will receive a college degree

– 25% suffer from PTSD

“So there is a need for someone who wants to help. “I got involved because I wanted to help something, at least one young person, but I gained a lot more in that process,” said Karatsi.

Those who want to learn about becoming an Ally can attend the next Youth Promotion Independence course on Tuesday, April 12 at 6:00 p.m. dallen@fyifosteryouth.org:.

“We are so grateful to Wayne, to our other allies, to our volunteers,” Olsen said. “Since we were founded in 2017, we could not support more than 100 local youth without all those in our community who are so selflessly giving of their own strength.”

Promoting Youth Independence welcomes donations to support their work with caring youth, they can be submitted by visiting Contributing Youth Independence Donations or, as an alternative, by contacting a non-profit organization at (661) 360-1500.

Fostering Youth Independence in Santa Clarita (501c3) is a non-profit organization that supports local caregivers who have grown old in the Los Angeles County care system without being adopted or reunited with their parents. The nonprofit addresses the serious challenges these young people face, including not finishing high school or pursuing higher education, homelessness, and imprisonment.

Fostering Youth Independence offers one-on-one guidance and encouragement to current and former caregivers of 16-25 year-old, caring adult “Allies” to complete their secondary education, as well as resources to help them. Young people overcome the traumas of the past, finish their education, get a job, become successful, independent adults.

The nonprofit has supported 102 foster youth organizations since its inception in 2017 and currently serves 60 foster youth, most of whom attend College Gorges College.

SCVNews.com | Fostering Youth Independence Seeks Volunteers for Ally Training
Source link SCVNews.com | Fostering Youth Independence Seeks Volunteers for Ally Training

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