SCVNews.com | Former Mustang Star Chris Beck Named New TMU Athletic Director

Chris-Beck-TMU:Chris-Beck-TMU:Graduate University named Chris Beck the next sports director on June 15.

Beck is a member of the TMU Athletics Hall of Fame և an experienced sports administrator who has demonstrated allegiance to Christ և for decades after playing the Scriptures as a Mustang pitcher.

Elected in the Seattle Mariners Round 7 in 1994, Beck played four minor league seasons, advancing to the Double-A. He served for the next 23 years with Athletes in Action, a service that organizes competitive sports teams to share the gospel to help team members grow as they walk with Christ. Most recently, Beck served as executive director of sports teams, overseeing 14 Athletes in Action sports.

Beck came to the then Master’s College in 1990 from the Brothers High School in Long Beach. Over the next four years, he wrote one of the most impressive pitching resumes in the history of the project. He ranks second in the TMU with innings (349.1) and hits (340); he is third with victories (28) and full games (20).

In 2007, TMU inducted Beck into the Athletics Hall of Fame for his dedication to the work of “Christ” in the Scriptures.

Beck will take on the role of sporting director when he arrives at the university in August.

For the past six years, Beck has served as an elder in the Church of the Faith in Cincinnati, Ohio.

At TMU, Beck takes over the helm of the sports department, which includes 17 interuniversity teams that regularly train all-Americans, compete for Golden State Sports Conference titles, and compete in NAIA national tournaments.

Beck has served in various leadership positions with Athletes in Action since 1999, including as baseball director and general manager of the AIA Alaska Baseball Team. This gave Beck experience in coaching, recruiting, fundraising, and especially apprenticeship.

“Hopefully, every athlete who leaves the Masters has grown in their love for Christ, better able to share their faith, better understand how it works in their lives,” Beck said.

This is possible, Beck said, as a person’s approach to athletics translates into other areas of life.

“If they can understand it as athletes, they will understand it as worldly people, serving Christ wherever they are,” he said. “Your sports career will end. But if you can figure out how to serve Christ, then when you become a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, whatever, you can worship and glorify God through it, because you already know how to do it. ”

Beck’s main focus will be on serving TMU coaches.

“That is my whole goal. “How can I serve them? Help them do what they do,” he said.

Todd Kostyuk, TMU’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer and CFO, was impressed with Becky’s past on several levels.

“He comes with a lot of coaching experience, he has a lot of senior management experience, he is passionate about teaching athletes, sharing the gospel, he serves as an elder in his church,” Kostyuk said.

Beck was married to his wife, Daniele (Vosmayer, TMC 1993), for 28 years. They have three sons, Ryan and Jackson Thai.

Jackson recently graduated from TMU, where he was a member of the baseball team. Thai will join the baseball team in the fall of 2022.

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SCVNews.com | Former Mustang Star Chris Beck Named New TMU Athletic Director
Source link SCVNews.com | Former Mustang Star Chris Beck Named New TMU Athletic Director

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