SCVNews.com | Early Returns: California Voters Rejecting Recall of Gov. Newsom

Most of the ballots counted as of Tuesday night were called Governor as county election authorities throughout the state continued to count ballots in elections on Tuesday night and decided whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. Supported the appointment.

The Secretary of State of California said that of the 33.4% of constituencies reported at 9:01 pm, 67.1% of voters voted “no” to the first question on the ballot and don’t remember Newsom. Reported that he wanted.

Larry Elder, the organizer of the conservative talk show, insisted 43.4% of the votes on choosing a replacement governor if the majority of voters decided to bring back Newsom.

In second place, Democrat Kevin Pafras was more than 30 points below the elder.

State election officials will prove the election results on October 22nd.

On Tuesday afternoon, a steady stream of Santa Clarita voters passed through the voting center of the Thor Gas Union School District Office and voted for the call.

The first voter, Samantha Foret, dropped the ballot at the ballot center where her family was directly casting the ballot while she was waiting outside the building.

“It was a quick move in and out,” she said of her experience dropping ballots.

Foret voted against the call election.

“I think (Newsam) did a pretty decent job,” she said. “Of course, there are mistakes, but nothing reminds me of him.”

Kristen Hicks said the experience of casting ballots directly is quick and easy.

“I did a lot of research, but I focused on a few (candidates) and made decisions in the last two weeks,” she said.

Hicks voted for the elder. She said the elder was partly due to her collaboration with R-Santa Clarita’s Congressman Mike Garcia.

“They just hit all the important points,” she said, citing the economy. “And I think much of it has to do with our freedom being robbed.”

Rose Liddell was able to easily vote at the voting center on Tuesday afternoon. Residents of Santa Clarita were concerned that the wording of the first question could confuse voters who were not investigating.

“You can’t come here and decide on the spot. You need to know what you’re doing,” she said. “And I haven’t listened to the media. I’ve tried my own research on the pros and cons (of Newsome) in the office over the last few years.”

Liddell said he decided to vote directly because he heard that the voting machine contained paper ballots. The Los Angeles County Ballot Marking Device is a county registrant-recorder / county clerk website that states, “While holding a paper ballot as an official, durable and auditable record of voter selection. We are using “technology”.

“After all that has happened in the last few years, I’m a little worried about our vote, so I felt it was a little safer for me,” she said.

Independent voter Ridel said she voted for the elder.

“We let it go this way for a while, maybe I thought different parties and different views on many different ideas could move things forward in different ways,” she said. .. “There’s a lot to repair in the state.”

Castaic’s Travis Reed also voted for the elder. Reed said he has been listening to elders’ radio shows for the past 25 years.

“He’s definitely a half-hearted person,” he said of the elder. He thought he was more liberal.

Kayla Salmon voted for the first time on Tuesday afternoon. She said the experience was simple and she voted against the recall.

“I think Gavin Newsom is doing a good thing. I think he’s just the best option for COVID,” she said.

SCVNews.com | Early Returns: California Voters Rejecting Recall of Gov. Newsom
Source link SCVNews.com | Early Returns: California Voters Rejecting Recall of Gov. Newsom

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