SCVNews.com | County Development Authority Awarded $1m in Grants For Public Housing, Including Valencia

The Los Angeles County Development Department is pleased to announce that it has received more than $ 1 million in grants from the California Department of Public Utilities through the Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing Program, which provides financial incentives for energy-efficient systems for many families. in apartments. throughout the state.

The grants will go to two separate LACDA Senior Public Housing Developments that are currently undergoing renovations. South Bay Gardens in southeast Los Angeles և Orchard Arms in Valencia.

Renovations are part of a larger LACDA effort to “green” by increasing solar efficiency and reducing utility costs by 30-40% for public housing. The first $ 475,000 SOMAH grant will be applied to South Bay Gardens for the installation of new solar vehicles, while the solar project at Orchard Arms will be funded with a $ 681,000 prize from SOMAH. Like the South Bay Gardens project, the solar car installed at Orchard Arms will work to provide clean energy to residents.

In addition, LACDA works with partners to provide energy-efficient initiatives to residents at no cost. Through the Los Angeles County Department of Home Services, LACDA successfully received funding from Reliable, Fairly Affordable Charges for Multi-Family Homes (REACH) to install 30 electric car charging stations in three public housing. Carmelitos, Harbor Hills և Quartz Hill: Each site was assessed: found to be best suited to improve the current energy infrastructure և to meet the demand of existing և charging stations for future residents.

LACDA has also been successful with the Southern California Edison Department of Energy, Southern California Gas Company and the Los Angeles Water Authority. Both Edison and LADWP have installed LED lighting in common areas in several LACDA public housing, including Marina Manor, Orchard Arms, and Lancaster Homes. SoCal Gas has installed high efficiency boilers at Orchard Arms, Foothill Villa and Marina Manor. This partnership with SoCal Gas Company is still ongoing, but the LACDA cost savings will be approximately $ 2 million.

“We are excited and grateful to receive this grant from SOMAH,” said Emilio Salas, Executive Director of LACDA. “It is encouraging to see that our partners are working together for a clean energy future. “We are working hard in Los Angeles County to build better lives, better neighborhoods, and that includes building green energy communities.”

For more information on LACDA Public housing programPlease call (626) 262-4510:. All media outlets can contact Elisa Vazquez, LACDA Public Information Officer, at (626) 586-1762.

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SCVNews.com | County Development Authority Awarded $1m in Grants For Public Housing, Including Valencia
Source link SCVNews.com | County Development Authority Awarded $1m in Grants For Public Housing, Including Valencia

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