SCVNews.com | Cougars Softball Narrowly Falls 8-7 at AVC

By Marie Kneisel / COC Sports Information

Gorges College lost to Antelope Valley College on March 31 with 8-7 goals.

Canyons (16-8-1, 3-2) freshman Ashley Huck was the first to force the Cougars to move in the third inn with an RBI bag, bringing home Valerie Ramirez 1-1.

The Antelope Valley (18-8, 4-1) won the first round of the game and remained in the lead for most of the season despite the Pugars’ persistence.

The Marauders eventually responded to Heck’s RBI by restoring the lead to 3-1 and then making a few more runs in the fifth innings.

Canyons took steps in the sixth inning, tying the game 5-5. Julia Fuentes opened the innings by breaking the ball over the fence, giving energy to the Cougar.

Alison Melgar stood out, allowing Huck to enter the house plate from the second base. Vanessa Reyes went home running for Melgar after AVC caught Alissa Silva for the second time in a robbery.

The equalizer came when McKenzie Gardet tripled to bring Huck home.

However, the robbers returned to the lead when Melgar took a walk through the loaded bases.

From there, COC head coach John Wismat looked at Samantha Flores to close the game by moving Melgar to the first base.

AVC managed to press “two runs before” Flores closed the innings.

The Cougars continued to run together, but that was not enough until they reached the final, where they lost 8-7.

Top performers

Julia Fuentes – 1 vs. 3, HR, BB, R, RBI

Ashlynn Heck – 2-for-3, 2B, sac-fly, 2 R, 2 RBI:

McKenzi Gardette – in front of 1, 3B, RBI

Alison Melgar – 2 vs. 4, R, 2 RBI

Brian Tull – 1 vs. 3, 2B, BB, R.

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SCVNews.com | Cougars Softball Narrowly Falls 8-7 at AVC
Source link SCVNews.com | Cougars Softball Narrowly Falls 8-7 at AVC

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