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Community election workers play an essential role in elections and in our democracy. They are members of a trusted community who assist with the in-person voting experience in Los Angeles County.

Do you want to serve your community? The LA County Registrar-Recorder / County Clerk invites interested residents to apply today as an election worker.


To become an Los Angeles County election worker, you must be:

18 years of age or older if not participating in the Student Electoral Staff Program

U.S. citizen և registered to vote in California or legal resident

Provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19

Bilingual election workers are very necessary. Did you know that the Los Angeles County Registrar / Clerk in the Los Angeles County provides language support for 18 languages ​​in addition to English? You can help voters in your community by becoming an election worker if you speak additional languages.

To apply for the election, you can apply by mail or in person by paper application.

Roles և Responsibilities:

Participate in the training of election staff

Assist in opening / closing the polling station

Support voters throughout the day

Answer voters’ questions

Serve up to 10 days

Advantages of Electoral Workers:

play a decisive role in the democratic process

Earn $ 100 for each day you vote at the polling station

Earn $ 80 to meet all training requirements

Electoral staff must comply with, but are not limited to, legislative restrictions, including restraining orders, restrictions on registered sex offenders, or any other restrictions or restrictions on their presence at polling stations; they must immediately inform the county if they are prohibited from serving. at the polling station.

Election staff are subject to all applicable public health orders, mandates, charters, rules, regulations, protocols, policies, and procedures required by the federal, state, local authority, or registrar / county clerk in connection with COVID-19. : This includes, but is not limited to, requiring applicants to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

If you need voter support, call (800) 815-2666, Option 7.

Apply here to become a Los Angeles County Electoral Officer.

SCVNews.com | Community Election Workers Needed in L.A. County
Source link SCVNews.com | Community Election Workers Needed in L.A. County

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