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The California Institute of the Arts recently announced that Charmaine Jefferson has been elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He took on that role on May 3, 2022, as colleges and universities across the country are tasked with deepening their educational offerings, maintaining relevance, expanding concepts of diversity, and increasing financial accessibility. Jefferson assumes the position of Chair, ready to lead the Board in overcoming these barriers while embracing CalArts vision of an ever-evolving, expansive, responsive institution that offers a welcoming artistic community with significant global impact.

Jefferson, who has been a member of the CalArts Board of Trustees since 2006, succeeds Tim Disney, who has chaired the board since 2014. During the presidency of the Disney Board, CalArts welcomed the new President, confronted the uncertainty of the epidemic, and set goals for its diversity. , equality, inclusion և entry initiatives, all at the same time reinforcing his commitment to artistic endeavors լավագույն bringing the best և widest range of talents to university.

“We are deeply grateful to Tim for his years of service and steadfast leadership as Chairman of the Board. “He put CalArts on the path to greater growth and inclusion. The transition to Charmaine leadership is a perfect example of this,” said CalArts President Ravi S. Rajan. “Charmaine is a brilliant, capable leader with extensive experience in nonprofit management and fundraising. Not only has he served as CalArts trustee for the past 16 years, but he has also been a strong member of the Los Angeles’s national art community. As President, he will bring a tested operational understanding to the Institute’s Board’s oversight, a spirit of consolidation that will continue to advocate for CalArts’ experimental, generative model of art education to our constituents and donors. ”

Jefferson is committed to activating the crossroads of art, culture, history and the community. A lifelong advocate of art և art education, he runs his own strategic consulting firm, Kélan Resources. He also serves on the Fender Play Foundation Board of Directors as Commissioner for Cultural Affairs in the Los Angeles City Department.

During his 11 years as Executive Director of the African American Museum in California Exhibition Park, he expanded the museum գրեթե almost tripled to more than 100,000 visitors a year through programs, restored the museum’s non-profit fund, increased community engagement, and built public relations. հետ with donors. As executive director of the Harlem School Dance Theater, an international tour company, Jefferson oversaw a $ 60 million capital increase, renovation, and headquarters for his studios. From the experience of the director of the “Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival” at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in Massachusetts, he has a deep understanding of the value of art to society և the economy և how much it can help. an environment where artists can grow and flourish. From her early nine-year career as a professional concert dancer, Jefferson also introduced CalArts to her personal practice. CalArts is a personal connection to artistic practice.

“I’m delighted to be CalArts’s trustee, and it is an honor to continue this work as Chairman of the Board,” Jefferson said. “CalArts is a place where creative excellence and critical thinking come together to develop an artistic community unlike any other in the world. CalArts alumni produce award-winning films, reinterpret animation, play in plays, jump on stage, fill their ears with music, sing, decorate scenery, dress up, and display their artwork in major museums. All this և much more evidence of the enormous cultural impact of the school. Working with my fellow trustees և a huge talented president, faculty և staff, I look forward to the institute’s further service as we work together to develop more artistic opportunities for our students, increase scholarship access for prospective students. Our great alumni և improve the very facilities in which this amazing charm of CalArts takes place. ”

As CalArts moves into its second half of the century, Jefferson will work with President Rajan և longtime board of trustees Jim Lovelace to continue to build a legacy that will intuitively overcome obstacles as they arise. The educational mission of educating talented artists from the widest possible cultural, aesthetic, socio-economic spheres.

About CalArts:

The California Institute of the Arts has been setting the pace for educating professional artists since the 1970s. Offering rigorous undergraduate and graduate programs through six schools: art, critical studies, dance, film / video, music, and theater. CalArts has defended creative excellence, reflection on criticism, development of new forms and expressions. As successive generations of faculty and alumni have helped shape the contemporary art landscape, Walt Disney’s first institute encompasses a vibrant, eclectic community with global reach that invites experimentation, independent inquiries, active collaboration, exchange artists, arts and culture. between sectors. traditions.

This fall, CalArts will welcome its first team of Arts Posse scientists as part of a pilot project in partnership with the Posse Foundation to build a diverse pipeline of leaders in the creative arts. In addition, the new partnership with the American Institute of Indian Art (IAIA) will foster educational collaboration between the two schools through student-teacher exchange, curriculum development, and resource exchange.

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SCVNews.com | Charmaine Jefferson Elected New CalArts Board Chair
Source link SCVNews.com | Charmaine Jefferson Elected New CalArts Board Chair

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