SCVNews.com | California Streamlines Access to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

The California Department of Public Health և OptumServe is upgrading testing locations across the state to provide testing և treatment for individuals who test positive և eligible for COVID-19 treatment.

Test for treatment Websites allow individuals to be tested, viewed by a provider, and given a prescription for antiviral pills. This will improve access to COVID-19 treatment for uninsured Californians, especially in the communities most affected by the epidemic. California Smarter Plan.

California is launching 146 OptumServe tests to treat sites in the state over the next few weeks. a Test to Treat locator map is available to Californians to easily see where they can use these services.

“We work to ensure that California residents with COVID-19 symptoms have prompt testing and immediate treatment, regardless of insurance coverage,” said Dr. Thomas Aragon, CDPH’s director of public health. “Our goal is to help California people recover if they become infected with COVID-19, to provide accessible treatments to high-risk patients that can keep them out of the hospital.”

Enlargement of California Test for treatment The sites coincide with the federal government’s Test to Treat initiative National COVID-19 Preparation Plan. Testing և treatment is provided OptumServe locations: Intended for people without insurance. The sites will offer telemedicine services, provide antiviral tablets, Paxlovid or molnupiravir, or prescriptions to appropriate patients. Services will be free.

While COVID-19 vaccines and stimulants remain the safest way to prevent the virus, Treatment of COVID-19 can reduce the risk of serious illness: hospitalization. They work best when taken immediately after Symptoms: start. If a person has symptoms, they should immediately call or email their healthcare provider to ask if they are eligible for COVID-19 treatment. If they do not have a health care provider or do not receive a response from their provider, they may visit a Test to treat the location undergo rapid testing to determine if they are eligible for treatment.

Communities may have other test sites that are not included Test to Treat locator map. To find out about other places, people are encouraged to contact their healthcare provider or local health department. Testing and treatment will be free for all patients OptumServe locations:, but other treatment facilities may charge for the use of antiviral medicine. Individuals should check with their insurance provider to see if their plan covers treatment.

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SCVNews.com | California Streamlines Access to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment
Source link SCVNews.com | California Streamlines Access to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

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