SCVNews.com | CalArts Students Featured on New John Tejada Album

The album in the third collection, which includes original electronic music by students at the California Institute of the Arts, was released on May 5 by the UK non-commercial Touched Music recording label.

The album, “John Tejada Presents Future Stars 3”, was music by producer-composer Tejada Advanced Electronic Music Production in the spring of 2022.

In 2020, John Tejada, a frequent guest on Touched Music collections, planned to turn his CalArts spring course “Advanced Electronic Music Production” final project into a well-known label collection album.

Future Stars 3, now in its third year, features 19 Tejada students, as well as Overtime, which is originally exclusive to Tejada. Styles range from environmental works such as Mason Moy’s “Lobster Boil”, songwriter March Adstrum, Vintage House – Joey Sample և Essvus e-experiments և everything.

19 new producers bring us into their world using music technology to give us their thoughts on how the future of music should sound.

The 20-song album is available for broadcast on major platforms and sold exclusively as a limited edition album through Bandcamp. Proceeds from the sale of the CDs contributed to Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK.

Approved electronic music composer DJ Tejada has released numerous albums on labels such as Kompakt, Pokerflat, Cocoon, Plug Research Seventh City since 1996, and his own label, Palette Recordings, since 1996. In collaboration with comedian and musician Reggie Watts, Wajatta, the duo released the albums “Casual High Technology” (Comedy Dynamics) in 2018, “Don’t Let Get You Down” (Brainfeeder) in 2020, and the latest “Do” in 2021. You Even Care Anymore? » The EP. (Nutrition of the brain).

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SCVNews.com | CalArts Students Featured on New John Tejada Album
Source link SCVNews.com | CalArts Students Featured on New John Tejada Album

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