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The Board of Trustees of the California Institute of the Arts has awarded honorary status to 14 acclaimed, longtime lecturers in recognition of their contribution to CalArts. All those awarded will retire in 2021 or 2022.

The honorary list of newly appointed lecturers includes:

Tom Andersen. Having lived in Los Angeles for most of his life, Andersen’s knowledge of the city’s love for the city is well-known for his work, most notably Los Angeles Plays Himself (2003), which was recognized as one of the 50 best documentaries of all time. According to a Sight & Sound review by critics. Andersen made his feature film debut as a USC և UCLA student in the 1960s և 1970s, joining CalArts as a full faculty member in 1987. He has been both the Dean of the Film / Video School and the Founding Director of the Film Program. անյութ Video.

Karen Baxter. Since joining CalArts in 2001, Baxter has served as librarian of the Art և Film / Video Schools. During his 20 years in office, he oversaw the development and promotion of art collections at CalArts, including the Moving Images Collection, and chaired the technical advisory committee for CalArts’s only projection theater for digital cinema. Baxter also led the creation of digital collections of archive material at the CalArts Institute, making the collection accessible to researchers around the world, which led to the widespread use of these materials in numerous publications, exhibitions, and significantly enhanced CalArts յուր’s unique pedagogical presence.

Jessica Bronson. Bronson joined the CalArts faculty in 2001 as an internationally renowned artist known for his gallery installations, which combine sculptural elements with video projections and other sources of moving images. From 2011 to 2014 he worked as the artistic director of the Art School program. His leadership at the Art School led to a rethinking of the Foundation’s courses, the development of 12 new courses, and the revitalization of ceramic areas. During his two decades at CalArts, he advocated for groups that did not apply for admission, and supported their preservation and success.

Robert Dansby. Bronson joined CalArts in 1994 as a member of the Faculty of Engineering. He worked as the director of Print and Media Lab from 2001 to 2021, creating artserve.calarts.edu as an educational resource. In the Print Media Lab, Dansby ensured that all possible techniques presented were instructive, from the most up-to-date techniques to the respected ones at the root of all print media. He updated the lab equipment to make it fully accessible to the ADA, allowing all students to participate in the discovery, development and screen printing. As a print film director, Dansby has starred internationally in the collections of The Getty, LACMA, Hammer Museum, and more.

Leslie Dick. Dick first joined CalArts as a Mellon Fellow in Critical Writing in 1991, and later as a full faculty member at the School of Art in 1992. From 1995 to 2005 և From 2011 to 2012 he worked as the co-director of the Art Program. . During his 30 years at CalArts, he pushed artistic dialogue to another level through catalogs of essays, talks, and exhibitions, often collaborating with other CalArtians; served on the editorial board of the X-TRA Quarterly, Los Angeles’s longest-running art publishing house; He created an impressive list of novels and short stories and served as a senior critic at Yale School of the Arts.

Heather Ellers. Actress, dance’s specialist Ellers joined the CalArts Theater Acting School in 2001. In his teaching practice, Ehlers focused on the movement of actors, bringing a solid knowledge of yoga, conscious dance to 5 rhythms, and open floor movement. CalArts curriculum. She has trained with movement և master dance instructors և taught mindfulness training around the world, expanding CalArts’ international presence. A professional actress for over 35 years, her acting resume includes performances at Lincoln Center, Arena Stage, Mark Taper Forum, South Coast Repertory Theater, as well as numerous international tours.

Charles Gaines. Since becoming a lecturer in 1989, Gaines has worked tirelessly to promote diversity at CalArts. When it was an opposition position, he was a key figure in persuading the administration to hire a provocateur for justice և diversity, who led him to the office for the sake of justice, inclusion: diversity. He often recruited African-American students to study at CalArts, many of whom became potential artists and educators. In 2020, Gaines made an initial donation to establish a scholarship to provide critical scholarships to black students in the Institute’s MFA Art program. Charles Gaines Scholarship. One of the most famous painters of his generation, Gaines is a leading practitioner of conceptualism, known for his works, photographs, drawings, musical compositions and installations on acrylic glass. His work is collected internationally by institutions such as MoMA, LACMA, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Harlem Studio Museum. Gaines was the recipient of the 2019 Edward McDowell Medal.

Chandra Khan. From 1992 to 2021, Khan played a key role in the development and reconstruction of the School of Critical Studies curriculum. This work led to the “Critical Studies Division” section becoming a full-fledged school as a Critical Studies School. More than 20 years later, the curriculum categories և requirements he worked on to create remain the basis of the BFA Critical Studies course. In his teaching practice, Khan developed and taught a number of interdisciplinary courses focusing on non-Western cultures, politics, aesthetics, artistic, cultural, and religious diversity. As part of his commitment to global perspectives և experiential learning, he has organized several very successful trips with CalArts students, represented CalArts at both local and international events, especially in China, Japan, India, and the Middle East.

Joe La Barbera. Barbera’s universal fame and reputation have served as a powerful recruiting tool for the Herb Alpert Music School for nearly 30 years. While working at CalArts, La Barbera has helped dozens of alumni who have had successful careers in music as a performing educator. His official duties included basic և non-core percussion lessons, performing in jazz ensembles and teaching jazz history for almost 25 years. Internationally acclaimed musician, composer-drummer La Barbera has played with Chuck Magnion, Bill Evans, Tony Bennett, has more than 250 recordings, won the LACMA / LA Jazz Treasure Award and is an exemplary artist in music encyclopedias. field.

Francesca Penzani. Since joining CalArts in 2005, Penzani has been instrumental in developing and integrating multidisciplinary practice at Sharon Disney’s Lund Dance School, especially for video use. She has created dance films, CineDance և Advanced Dance Image Project lessons, as well as WinterSession, PLAY LAB, an interdisciplinary, collaborative lab with CalArts alumni as well as alumni. Among his teaching innovations, Penzani practiced video editing for archival purposes, training MFA և BFA dance students to become video cameramen և live editors / directors. Professionally, Penzani’s dances և dance videos have won numerous awards վել been shown all over the world.

Michael Scroggins ․ One of the first courses in 3D computer graphics in the early 1980s. Much of Scroggins’ work focuses on the constantly evolving innovative technologies in the School of Cinema / Video, from early CGI computers to the latest VR motion capture settings. His video work has been widely shown internationally, and his own VR project, Anaphorium, a VR space for 3D active painting, is scheduled to be released. The Scroggins are retiring from CalArts College in the spring of 2022.

Maureen Selwood. Selwood taught full-time in the Experimental Animation program from the fall of 1991 until his retirement in the spring of 2021. Initially invited to teach by Jules Engel, Founder of the Experimental Animation Program, he continued to serve as a programmer. he has been a director for five years. During his 30 years at CalArts, he focused on practice-based courses, workshops, and expanding department teachers. Professionally, his cartoons were shown all over the world, selected for preservation by the film academy. This year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’s Visual History program featured Morin’s oral history, documenting his life as a film director.

Paul Wester. During its 16 years as a full-time faculty իների During its three years as an auxiliary faculty, Wester is responsible for creating some of the key components that make up the Experimental Animation Program today. Serving as Program Director from 2006 to 2011, he developed the MFA1 First Year Shorts class, which in many ways forms the basis of current alumni experience, created the BFA curriculum structure, and added courses to support digital instrument learning. Wester also oversaw the redesign of the A115 area to make room for more students. Prior to joining CalArts, Wester worked for 25 years as an animator in London. His films have been screened at major international festivals, and in 2003 he became a member of Guggenheim.

Darrell Walters. With CalArts’s BFA և MFA, Walters became a member of the Faculty of Engineering in 1995, serving for more than a quarter of a century as Director of Photography and Media. His work has included research և development guidance, a system of 17 major renovation projects, including reconstruction and restoration after the Northridge earthquake, and the creation of լուսանկար digital photography և equipment: equipment. In addition, Walters taught students, served as the Community Art Collaboration (CAP) և media manager, և developed with CalArts և and created the Federal Work Study Program. Historical photos / Digital archiving post for Elaine Feterman’s collection. Serving as an informal out-of-school ambassador, Walters spent more than 1,750 volunteer hours at the Antelope Valley Museum of California’s State Historical Park and contributed to community awareness programs in the Antelope Valley.

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SCVNews.com | CalArts Board of Trustees Confer Emeritus Status Upon Faculty
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