SCVNews.com | Barger Counters Plan to House Youth Offenders at Camp Scott

In response to a petition recommending that Joseph Scott be used in Santa Clarita to place young people permanently in the custody of a former juvenile justice department, Los Angeles County Mayor Catherine Burger filed a motion to replace Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall. Silmar will serve as a safe haven for youth treatment for this population.

This action takes place one day after the controllers Holly J. Mitchell և Sheila Cuhl mediated to advise Camp Scott in Santa Clarita և The Calcutta Campus in the Malibu Gorge as a permanent facility for underage men who were previously under the Juvenile Department. Power of Justice.

“I strongly oppose Camp Scott permanently housing young people who were previously state-controlled,” Burger said. “It does not make sense. Our county’s Probation Department, staffed with specialist’s subject matter experts tasked with supervising these young people, recommended that the Niedorf Juvenile Salon serve as a Safe Young People Treatment Facility. Their proposal clearly explains why Niedorf is a healthy option. It is the right choice, that is why I put this alternative mediation on the table. ”

Barger’s comments on the Los Angeles County Probation Department’s recommendations refer to a February 8, 2022 proposal in which the department presented Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Salon Reconstruction Program as a state-of-the-art safe Youth facility where: Injury services, therapy և programs should be anchored to help criminals prepare for a successful return to society.

The proposal outlined a number of benefits in favor of the Niedorf site, noting that it has ample space to accommodate a population of 150 male offenders և can be reorganized without affecting the youth services it currently serves. The offer also states that Niedorf is in the center, so it is ideal for visiting families, community providers, partner agencies.

A copy of the report may be: be here:.

“There are images of redefined areas where medical, educational and safe areas will be located,” said Barger, referring to the design of the interior-exterior of Niedorf, which was included in the presentation accompanying the proposal. “If the county takes its commitment seriously to rethink how it has helped juvenile offenders, we can start by endorsing Niedorf. This will allow us to leverage the work already done to prepare the regional institutions as quickly as possible. We can not afford to miss this opportunity. “

The two motions will be discussed at the upcoming sitting of the Supervisory Board on March 15, 2022.

The city of Santa Clarita issued the following press release in support of Burger’s proposal.

“The city strongly supports the oversight of Burger, which is recommended by the Barry J. Nidorf Foundation,” said Santa Clarita Mayor Lauren Westen. “Plans have already been developed to renovate the facility,” said Barry J. Nidorf. This is an opportunity to take advantage of existing renovation programs և to develop an institution that serves as a beacon of real rehabilitation treatment in our youth institutions. “The city is adamantly opposed to any plan involving the dilapidated Scott Camp, as it is completely inconvenient to accommodate this population safely.”

If you would like to make a public comment at the upcoming Supervisory Board meeting on March 15, 2022, visit Public comment.

SCVNews.com | Barger Counters Plan to House Youth Offenders at Camp Scott
Source link SCVNews.com | Barger Counters Plan to House Youth Offenders at Camp Scott

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