SCVNews.com | Aug. 18: Children’s Bureau Foster Parenting Zoom Orientation

Foster parenting is an important way to provide at-risk children with safe, nurturing support and resources to thrive. These children and youth have been particularly affected by the epidemic, accelerating the need for foster and/or adoptive families.

To learn about foster care and help, the Children’s Bureau, a non-profit organization that advocates for vulnerable children, is live Zoom Orientation Thursday, August 18, 4:00-5:00 p.m. Attended by a member of the Children’s Bureau team and a foster parent. A PowerPoint Orientation is available for those who want to learn about becoming a foster and/or adoptive parent at their own pace.

To RSVP for a live orientation or to request a PowerPoint orientation, please email rfrecruitment@all4kids.org or call 833-983-2837 or 661-289-4231.

“Being a foster parent allows you to help someone in their time of need. You are the support system for the child and their parents,” says Brittany, who has adopted two siblings with her husband, Jeremy. The couple has three biological children and knew foster care was something they wanted to do. “The Children’s Bureau has been there to help us get through the hard times and celebrate special moments, especially when our two children were adopted,” Jeremy added. Check out Brittany and Jeremy’s story here.

In Los Angeles County alone, the foster care population exceeds 33,000 children, 200 of whom are waiting for an adoptive family. Many of these children are siblings who need families willing and able to keep them together. In fact, the Children’s Bureau turns away at least 10 siblings per week due to the absence of families. Older children also need a family.

The Children’s Bureau welcomes every individual, regardless of race, age, religion, disability, marital status, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, to become a resource for children. Qualifying families receive training and support throughout their journey. Foster care and adoption programs are available in Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. For questions and/or to get started, call 833-983-2837 or click here to complete a quick inquiry form.

Since 1904 Children’s Bureau has been a nonprofit leader in child abuse prevention to reduce its devastating impact. The Children’s Bureau addresses child and family well-being through primary prevention, an innovative, collaborative and research-based approach that educates and supports vulnerable parents in raising thriving children. This includes parenting classes, support groups, home visits, family bonding activities, community leader training and a preschool program. The Children’s Bureau also offers mental health counseling, along with foster care, adoption and related services. Children’s Bureau strengthens the lives of 39,000 at-risk children and their parents each year through 13 locations in Southern California. The agency’s advocacy efforts and broader community impact initiatives inspire movement in the child welfare arena at the local, state and national levels.

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SCVNews.com | Aug. 18: Children’s Bureau Foster Parenting Zoom Orientation
Source link SCVNews.com | Aug. 18: Children’s Bureau Foster Parenting Zoom Orientation

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