SCVNews.com | Abigail Alvidrez Receives Inaugural Cheri Fleming Shining Star Legacy Award

Abigail Alvidres of the Santa Clarita Valley Boys & Girls Club recently won first prize at the Cheri Fleming Shining Star Legacy Award.

The awards luncheon, hosted by the Soroptimist International in Greater Santa Clarita Valley, took place on June 12 at the Hyatt Regency Valencia and attracted a crowd of 180.

“Cherry has always encouraged and inspired others to join the community,” said Pam Ingram, the event’s co-chair and former president of SIGSCV. Ingram said SIGSCV wanted to do something to keep Fleming’s memory and name alive.
“We asked nonprofits to nominate someone who has done something really impressive over the past year. “Someone would think of Sherry as a shining star, and someone would think of Cherry as an educator.”

The event raised more than $ 20,000 for the Cheri Fleming Legacy Fund, created by Soroptimist International to recognize Fleming.

“Soroptimist International and Don Fleming set up a legacy fund to honor Cherry, which is a great honor that not many people receive,” said Kim Kurowski, co-chair of the event and former president of SIGSCV.
Kurovsky said the success of the event conveyed to a wide audience the message of the work done by Soroptimist.
“We have raised a lot of money to help women and girls around the world,” she said.
Alvidres is the branch manager of the James T. Ventress Clubhouse in Newholm.

She was nominated for a Shining Star Award by SCV Boys & Girls CEO Matt Nelson.
Nelson claims that during the 2020-2021 academic year of the COVID epidemic, Alvidres led a diverse team of youth development professionals to develop a distance learning program at Newholm Elementary School. The program focused on providing resources for 80 children to stay on the road to school, connecting with teachers remotely, getting healthy food, and receiving emotional and social support. He planned, developed the program, hired, trained different teams, and faced the challenges of the epidemic. Alvidres planned another new project in the community of Val Verde for the summer of 2021. The children did not have the opportunity to rest there for more than a year. He assembled a team, developed a plan, and launched a new plan to serve the most needy. That summer, 45 children benefited from Alvirez-led programs.

“We are very proud of Abigail, she is a great leader, she has done so much for children at uncertain times,” Nelson said.

Don Fleming, Fleming’s husband, participated in the panel that unanimously selected Alvirez from the nominees.

“I think Abigail was the perfect recipient,” he said. “I think Abigail is the one who would like Cherry. “He is a person with great potential, a man like Cherry who could put his hands up and lead him.”
Fleming said Alvidres was “a very impressive candidate.”

“Cherry would be proud,” he said.

The other members of the selection committee were Brian Fleming, Dennis Sugasavaran and Christopher Ingram.
Alvidres said that it is a great honor for him to receive the award for the first shining star.

“It is an honor to be recognized in the community,” he said. “I’m so happy that Don Fleming was so proud of me. I am very humble, I hope I will continue my communication in the community with families, parents, students, boys and girls in the club. I really like what I do. ”

Cherry Fleming was a founding member of SIGSCV in 2008 and a former member of the Santa Clarita Valley Soroptimist Club. He died in November 2020 from complications caused by a brain aneurysm.
A member of SCV’s Soroptimist International since 1999, Fleming has served on the board of Soroptimist International of the Americas, then as president, chairing more than 36,000 Soroptimist members in 20 countries.
During his tenure, he was the President of Soroptimist International in America from 2013-2014. Fleming traveled the North և South America և around the world, visiting Soroptimist clubs.

In the Santa Clarita Valley, Fleming, the co-owner and co-owner of Valencia Acura, was known for his charitable work with dozens of local nonprofits.

A female pioneer in the male-dominated auto industry, Fleming was named Newsweek Magazine Dealer of the Year in 2006.

Fleming and her husband, Don Fleming, were named SCV Male and Female of the Year in 2004 for their outstanding contributions to SCV’s nonprofit efforts.

A small sample of many Fleming volunteer activities includes:

Service on many councils և foundations, including the Henry Mayo Newhol Health Foundation և SCV Children և Family Center.

Fundraising for the American Cancer Society, where he co-chaired the Relay of Life and became chairman of the Cancer Society Los Angeles Regional Board.

Funds raised by Sheila R. of Henry Mayo Newell Hospital. For Velose Breast Imaging Center.

The Flemings co-sponsored the SCV Boys & Girls Club Auction for three years in a row, setting an all-time record of $ 513,000 for the club in 2006.

Arthritis Foundation Walk Chair Chair 2006

The Flemings received the 2019 Silver Spur Community Service Award from the College Canyons Foundation.
The Shining Star dinner included an Assistance League և Closet on Main teahouse fashion show as well as a live auction.

The live auction included golf for four in a wheelchair at three SCV courts: Valencia Country Club, Sand Canyon Country Club and The Oaks Club in Valencia.

The auction also includes a personal item collected from the Cheri Fleming Collection.

“We raised $ 2,500 for an evening bag that belonged to Cherry and was donated by Don Fleming,” Ingram said. “He donated a small bag that raised $ 900.”

Image 2000 donated the use of a six-bedroom house in Cape San Lucas for a week, which cost $ 7,000.
“The owner of the house was in the audience. When he saw that the guide was selling for $ 7,000, he gave us a second trip, which was also for $ 7,000,” said Ingram.

The non-profit organizations nominated 19 women as prize winners. Each candidate was recognized at dinner.

Apart from Alvidrez, the other well-known candidates at the event were:

– Brittany Barlog, nominated by JCI Santa Clarita.

– Rene Berlin, nominated by Carousel Ranch, Inc.

– Melanie Cotterrell, nominated by Assistance League Santa Clarita.

– Staci Daniels-Sommer, nominated by the Valencian Soroptimist.

– Nicki De Tolve, nominated by Samuel Dixon Family Health Center.

– Cheryl Gray, nominated by Circle of Hope, Inc.

– Elizabeth Goff, nominated by SCV Senior Center.

– Jennifer Gregg, nominated by Bridge to Home.

– Jean La Corte, nominated by the Children և Family Center.

– Jill Meladi, nominated by the College Canyons Foundation.

– Nicole Miller, nominated by the Santa Clarita Valley Zonta Club.

– Patti Norona, nominated by Single Mothers Outreach.

– Carolyn Olsen, nominated by the Youth Independence Movement.

– Tiffany Olson, nominated by the Straightening Reins Foundation.

– Linda Pedersen, nominated by Rotar of the Santa Clarita Valley.

– Lindsay Schlick, nominated by the SCV Chamber of Commerce.

– Holly Schroeder, nominated by the Henry Mayo Newhol Hospital Foundation.

– Natalie Slater, nominated by the Michael Hofflin Foundation.

Ingram said the Rising Star event will be an annual fundraiser to benefit the Cheri Fleming Legacy Fund.

“We plan to hold the event around Cherry’s birthday on June 13,” he said.

In memory of Fleming throughout his life, Soroptimist International founded the Cheri Fleming Legacy Fund.

All donations will directly contribute to the Soroptimist’s mission to help women and girls around the world live their dreams.

Visit the Cheri Fleming Legacy Fund for assistance.

For more information on Soroptimist International of Greater Santa Clarita Valley visit SIGSCV.

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SCVNews.com | Abigail Alvidrez Receives Inaugural Cheri Fleming Shining Star Legacy Award
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