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Ten artists have won the 2022 Herb Alpert Award for Art. On Tuesday, May 3, the Herb Alpert Foundation announced the winners of the 2022 Herb Alpert Art Award. Administered by the California Institute of the Arts since 1994, this year the awards honor 10 mid-career artists who challenge ում transform art, society և their subjects.

A group of 15 top creative leaders selected the winners, honoring those who cross borders in five categories: dance, film / video, music, theater, and visual arts. Each winner receives an unlimited $ 75,000 և Visitor-Artist Residency at CalArts for the coming academic year.

The recipients of 2022 are:

Nia Ser ան Janira Castro (Dance)

Bani Khoshnood և Terence Nance (film / video)

Tomeka Reid և Cory Smythe (music)

Virginia Grease և Aleեշa Harris (Theater), both CalArts alumni

Guadeloupe Maravila և Martin Sims (Visual Arts)

All will be awarded during a virtual ceremony hosted by Grammy Award-winning musician, producer and philanthropist Herb Alpert. Lani Hall Alpert, Grammy Award-winning vocalist և Alpert Foundation. Founded by Herb Alpert, the award has been awarded to 140 artists over its 28-year history.

“Herbie Lani’s generosity is legendary, and their work of helping artists take risks through the Alpert Awards has spurred art in this country for decades,” said CalArts President Ravi Rajan. “The list of former award winners is a testament to how the award gives artists space and time to create works that transform the world.”

Irene Borger, who has been the director of the award since its inception, emphasized the importance of honor for artists in such difficult times. He said that those awarded in 2022 “boldly imagine an alternative future; they face the central problems of our time.”

“All 10 artists, each with their own unique voice, share a number of factors,” said Borger. “They work in different genres. They view the audience as participants. They provocatively connect the past with the present in order to imagine a new future. ”

The participants shared these details about the selection of their winners.


Nia Ser, choreographer, director-pedagogue, was awarded for her endurance, dedication and determination to present plays that tell the urgent stories of human abilities. innovative ways of its movement; պր an artistic practice that looks backwards to move forward.

Janira Castro, an interdisciplinary artist or choreographer, has been rewarded for her generous intellect. adherence to progressive values; fierce protection for others; ավոր Rethinking the function that the audience brings to the performance.

Movie / Video:

Bani Khoshnudi, a film director and artist, has been named for his unique ability to talk about the conditions of exile, to take into account complex ethical relationships. for his pursuit of the unspoken և the unrepresented. և for his invigorating, compassionate, essential work.

Terence Nance, an artist, was named for his most eager curiosity. For its vision of cinema as a portal, a channel, a cosmic material, a decolonizing work, an experimental vernacular. ան To make radical inserts in the pop universe.


Cellist, improviser, composer-organizer Tomeka Reid was chosen for his tremendous motivation, insight and wide expressive abilities. His harsh, dazzling music includes many phrases. As a performer, he expands his cello skills.

Corey Smith, a pianist, improviser and composer, has been chosen for his conceptual audacity, intellectual curiosity, imagination, virtuoso performances, voice innovations, and means of expression that broaden one’s understanding of music.


Virginia Grease (Theater MFA 2009), an interdisciplinary artist, has been selected for her urgent “intelligence drama, fluid poetic forms” and mammoth ventures. for his generous, spirit-feeding practice. պատճառ as a community և creature, to transform craft into kinship, wants to instruct և write an action plan.

Aleեշa Harris (Theater MFA 2014), playwright, was chosen for her fierce և game vision, intense intellectual rigor և experiments with the horse. Celebrations of the life of slaughterers in the death of historical, systemic, current slaughterers. կառուց to build a theater that challenges not only the dramatic arts but also the cultural discourse it opposes.

Visual art

Guadalupe Maravilla, a painter-therapist, has been rewarded with a dynamic sense of purpose for the ethics of his engaging practice. Through his sculpture, performance, and sound bath, he transformed his personal perceptions of injury into a way of healing and service. The generosity embodied in his work disrupts the hierarchical relationship between the artist and the viewer, opens up the potential for imagination.

Martin Sims, an artist-film director, has been rewarded with the decisive, unforgivable ways in which his work, in contrast to the central issues of the time, combines deep ethical questioning with difficult aesthetic codes as he masks the creation of daring characters, giving birth to the radical. Imagination of the near future.

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SCVNews.com | 2022 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts Honorees Named
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