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The Santa Clarita City Film Office reports that 13 films were filmed in the Santa Clarita Valley (also known as “Hollywood North”) during the week of Monday, February 22nd.

* “The Family Business” (TV program)

* “Good Trouble” (TV program)

* “Mayan’s MC” (TV program)

* “Foodtastic” (TV program)

* “MWS3” (TV program)

* “SWAT” (TV program)

* “NCIS” (TV program)

* “Easy Mark” (TV program)

* “Baby Steeler” (Special Feature)

* “My escort’s best friend” (function)

* “Teal” (music video)

* “Say Cheese” (short story)

* “Forest Giants” (short story)

Filming in Los Angeles County and California was put on hold in mid-March 2020 as health officials attempted to delay the spread of COVID-19.

On June 12, the LA County Public Health Department issued a revised health order along with a safety protocol to enable the resumption of the entertainment industry, including film and television production.

The Santa Clarita fiscal year ended on June 30, and despite the three-month suspension, the final numbers were still very strong. In the 19/20 fiscal year, the Films Division issued 468 permits. This resulted in a movie with 1,249 days and an estimated economic impact of $ 30,771,500. This last year’s fiscal year was the seventh consecutive year that the city’s film program generated more than $ 30 million in estimated economic impact.

The reported numbers do not include the number of days the film will be performed on a certified sound stage that does not require a film permit and the financial benefits of filming.

“We look forward to seeing the work re-shot in our city,” said Cameron Smith, Santa Clarita City Councilor. “The city’s film program remains an integral part of the local economy and we look forward to safely resuming filming on location throughout the soundstage, movie ranch and Santa Clarita Valley.”

Last year, several films such as “Bless This Mess,” “Goliath,” “Mayans MC,” “Good Trouble,” “NCIS,” “SWAT,” and “68 Whiskey” were on the Santa Clarita movie ranch and sound stage. It was based. “Under the Party of Five” and “Holy Morley”.

Other television shows filmed on location in Santa Clarita last year include “Seal Team,” “Reno 911,” “Space Force,” “This is Us,” “Hometown,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Goldberg.” , “Masked singer”, etc.

In Santa Clarita, feature films such as “Yes Day” and “The Outlaw Johnny Black”, as well as dozens of domestic commercial spots from McDonald’s to Nissan, Wal-Mart and Adidas were filmed.

Santa Clarita has consistently been the most filmed in California to offer thousands of film-friendly locations, more than 30 sound stages, more than 10 movie ranches, and a one-stop shop film office that can be doubled almost anywhere in the world. It’s one of the places. In addition to being within the industry’s coveted “30 mile zone”, low-cost permit fees and rapid permit processing.

Several other factors contribute to the continued success and appeal of filming in Santa Clarita, including the city’s unique film incentive program and the Movie Ranch Overlay Zone.

Santa Clarita Valley also benefits significantly from the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program, as many approved projects continue to be filmed on location in the region.

For more information on a dozen productions and shoots in Santa Clarita, please visit: FilmSantaClarita.com Alternatively, please contact the film office at 661-284-1425.

Follow the Santa Clarita Film Office (@FilmSantaClarita) on Instagram for insider views on shooting in Santa Clarita.

SCVNews.com | 13 Productions Filming in SCV This Week
Source link SCVNews.com | 13 Productions Filming in SCV This Week

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