SCV News | Supervisors Approve Revamped Approach to Homeless Services

Uploaded: Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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In an effort to improve the capacity of the Los Angeles area to effectively combat the famine crisis in the region, the Board of Supervisors on May 3 approved Supervisors Catherine Berger և Hilda L. Solis’s motion to review how the county manages its homeless service systems.

The petition endorsed the seven recommendations made by the Blue Ribbon Committee on Homelessness, created in July 2022, to involve stakeholders in assessing how the coordination of the homeless service could be reviewed and improved.

“The Blue Ribbon Commission has been charged with looking closely at the Los Angeles Detective Service to develop a new model for managing the Los Angeles County Duty Services,” Berger said. “It was the commission’s job to find out how our county can increase accountability. The ultimate goal is to correct the systemic dysfunction that has led to the sad results we see on our streets, in our shop windows, and in our neighborhoods. I believe that they have done their job, they have fulfilled their mission. We have a way forward now. “

Solis also voiced his point of view. “The Blue Ribbon Committee for the Vaccines has synthesized everything we have learned about serving the homeless Angels. It provided the basis for building a transparent, inclusive and accountable home management system. But what I am most grateful for is the voice that our city partners had around the table to develop cooperation to support homeless individuals within their competence. “Through this mediation, I am confident that the uninhabited residents who have left their homes in the area will begin to see the results they deserve.”

Recommendations include setting up a regional unit to coordinate և unit home services provided by multiple county departments և to serve as a centralized housing unit that will accommodate homeless people and connect them to ancillary services. Other proposals focus on setting up a Local Solutions Fund through Measure H to fund cities’ efforts to implement their own homeless shelter service, as well as to simplify the Los Angeles Homeless Service by focusing exclusively on managing federally funded contracts. և opportunities.

Asked when he first proposed setting up a Blue Ribbon Commission, Barger said: “In the beginning, there was skepticism about setting up a commission to evaluate homelessness systems. But nothing has been more comprehensive – collaborative – than the Blue Ribbon Commission – its proposals reflect that commitment. It will not happen overnight, but change starts with the first step. “I’m ready to get off the Titanic.”

SCV News | Supervisors Approve Revamped Approach to Homeless Services Source link SCV News | Supervisors Approve Revamped Approach to Homeless Services

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