SCV News | Feb 23: CSUN Announces Treeology to Honor CA Trees In Danger

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California’s ancient forests have been a symbol of permanence for thousands of years. But wildfires that have ravaged the state for the past two years are threatening the very existence of these mighty trees, one of the longest-lived organisms on Earth.

In response to this threat, ես as a call to action, Younes և Soraya Nazaryan Executive Director, Artistic Director Thor Steingraber Create Treelogy with his unique musical voice, new compositions to honor the three most endangered trees.

Los Angeles prolific multi-genre composer Billy Childs will honor the giant sequoias; Grammy-winning guitarist and educator Steven McCain talks about the endangered Red Crescent. “San Francisco Bay Area” composer Gabriella Smith pays tribute to the disappearing Joshua trees.

The world premiere of Treelogy will take place on Thursday, February 23, 2023 at The Soraya. Delirium Musicum chamber ensemble will perform all three compositions. Stephen Mackey will join them in their creation of Coastal Redwood playing the electric guitar. The Billie Childs Quartet, led by the Childrens on piano, will join Delirium Musicum in their work on the Giant Sequoia. In Gabriella Smith’s Joshua Tree, the ensemble will be complemented by electronic designs created by Smith since he spent time in the desert.

The projects include Treelogy’s future lectures at the University of California as part of a multidisciplinary program that brings together artists, scientists, environmentalists, and firefighters.

Tree: Background:
In 2020, wildfires devastated California’s ancient forests and ravaged its valleys and mountain passes. It was a pattern that would be repeated in northeastern Oregon and Colorado. «In 2020, California’s epic forest fires targeted the state’s most beloved trees. In an instant, countless ancient Redwoods, hundreds of giant Sequoias, and more than a million Joshua Trees were destroyed. The scattered fragments send a clear message. These trees are in the battle of their lives. ”

These are the words New York Times: journalist John Branch. Photojournalist Max Whitaker told the story of the destruction of California’s most famous and beloved trees in their history in 2020. They are among the oldest living things in the world. The climate crisis is killing them. The story is about the crisis facing the people of California, people around the world, many of whom are more often affected by natural disasters. In California, however, these trees cannot be rebuilt or relocated. They are thousands of years old; they are as key to a state’s identity as its ecology.

Inspired by this astonishing report, Steingraber sought to create a musical response to the fires, calling for action to save these precious trees. He recruited three famous composers and violinist Etienne Gara to create Treelogy, a three-part concert that opens on February 23, 2023. Violinist արան Garan is the founder of the Delirium Musicum Chamber Ensemble and is currently the Artist-in-Residence. Soraya. He and his partner, violinist Eun Kim, spent most of the epidemic traveling across the restored VW bus across California, bringing their Musical:live music to remote areas և rural communities. Against a backdrop of awe-inspiring scenery in the California desert, Garan և Kim sometimes performed exclusively for nearby flora and fauna, a journey that inspired Gara to address the wider problems of his music.

The Soraya and Gara’s Delirium Musicum will collaborate on Treelogy. Their pursuit brought Treelogy to every college in California. To that end, they will invite scholars, educators, activists, and advocates to come together in an unprecedented multidisciplinary effort to bring a sense of purpose to the threats to California resources.

In the midst of so much devastation, music can be a source of hope and understanding. In his article, Branch illustrates another. “As if to prove more of its flexibility, even when the red wood is cut, it does not always lose. Dead redwoods often sprout from the trunk of a few trees, a “fairytale ring that defines second-growth forests.”

Treelogy is very similar to the fairy tale ring that will appear in California concert halls and universities in 2023, further highlighting the problems of climate change for future generations of Californians.

Sorayan և stability
CSUN is nationally recognized for its sustainability practices, which are also reflected in The Soraya. In addition to regular, practice-driven awareness-raising activities, The Soraya seeks to incorporate sustainability into its work with artists. “Performing arts does not detract from the important work of promoting a more sustainable planet; moreover, musicians and performers of all kinds can bring new perspectives to this important work, to raise public awareness,” said Steingraber, an avid environmentalist. lawyer.

Soraya’s previous sustainability programs include: “Global Currents” festival in 2017, where artists from 13 nations studied water conservation topics, և 2019. “Future currents. “Los Angeles River” A six-month large-scale collaboration between CSUN students, local activists, and eco-artists to build awareness of some of the environmental challenges facing the Los Angeles River.

In addition to its LEED (Leadership of Energy և Environmental Design) gold certified location, which is rare among performing arts centers, the 1,700-seat Soraya has been awarded the 2019 Sustainability Award by Ticketmaster for its green environmental practices և projects.

About Treelogy Composers

Billy Childs / Huge Sequoias
Los Angeles-based Grammy Award-winning composer Billy Childs, who will study the giant sequoia with his work, is known for his multi-genre works. The children grew up under the influence of jazz, classical and pop music. Childs, a wonderful pianist, performed in public at the age of six, and at the age of 16 he entered the USC Community School of Performing Arts, continuing his bachelor’s degree in music. In addition to piano work with Yo-Yo Ma, Sting, Winton Marsalis, and Chick Corea, Childs has been a sought-after composer for decades. He has been commissioned by the Kronos Quartet, Rachel Barton Pine, the Los Angeles Master Chorale, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

Stephen McKay / Coastal Red Forests
Grammy Award-winning composer Steven McKee is considered one of the leading composers of his generation, from orchestra-chamber music to dance-opera. His first musical passion was playing the electric guitar in Northern California rock bands, where he grew up in the Redwoods, which will be the focus of his contribution. Tree:, when he touches those roots in Northern California. In the 1980s and 1990s, he made his way into the classics of electric guitar and folk music. He regularly performs his works, including electric guitar concerts, numerous solo and chamber works. Mackey’s orchestral music has been performed by some of the world’s largest orchestras, including the San Francisco և Chicago Symphony, the St Martin’s Fields Academy, and the Tokyo Philharmonic. McKee has been a member of Princeton College for over 30 years.

Gabriella Smith / Joshua Trees
Composer-environmentalist Gabriella Smith grew up in the Bay Area, playing music, hiking, backpacking, and volunteering for the Singing Birds Research Project in Point Reyes. Smith loves to explore new sounds through sounds, electronics, or other instruments to connect listeners to the natural world. Many of his works deal with the climate crisis, providing listeners with an emotional connection to the natural world, as a request to act. As a future composer, he has already received orders from major ensembles and festivals, including Bravo! Vail Music Festival ոս Los Angeles Philharmonic, where he Breathing forests The premiere took place in February 2022. He also starred as a composer at the 2021 Ojay Film Festival. The focus of his work will be the Joshua tree.

About Delirium Musicum / Étienne Gara:
Founded in 2018, the Delirium Musicum Chamber Orchestra, conducted by the Chamber Orchestra, delivers passionate and engaging musical performances that deeply connect the audience with the musicians. Influenced by a lively Los Angeles mosaic, the band uses dazzling creativity and boundless excitement in their performances. The fervent and relentless commentary of the old masters և the exploratory collaboration with the contemporary composers unite, creating a clear, individual voice of the ensemble.

Fifteen members of Delirium Musicum come from twelve countries on four continents. The ensemble together reflects an enriched, eclectic group identity, enriched by cultural, social and ethnic diversity, representing the youth and vibrancy of the next generation of musical excellence and musical leadership in Los Angeles and beyond. Led by violinist and artistic director Etienne Gara, their art, their spontaneity, and the combination of music from a five-century repertoire combine to create a unique, exciting, meaningful experience for the audience.

Younes որ Soraya Nazaryan About Performing Arts Center (Soraya)
Located in the heart of Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley, the vibrant, diversified University of California’s The Soraya continues its vibrant commitment to innovation, surpassing, and expanding its reach by offering a range of performances that reflect Los Angeles’s many different communities. works from the Los Angeles area, as well as artists from around the world.

Soraya’s upcoming 2022-23 season offers a joyous reunion that includes nearly 50 lively programs of popular music, dance, theater, family and international events that will later establish it as one of Southern California’s top art companies. raises և inspires

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