SCV News | CSUN Professor Headed to Nairobi to Lead Photojournalism Program

Uploaded: Thursday, May 26, 2022

By the State University of California, Northridge

Opportunity to change an individual’s life for the better Most people hope to have it at least once in their lifetime. California State University, Northridge Journalism Professor David Blumenkrantz will have that opportunity this summer.

Blumenkrantz will work with students at the Cyber ​​Girls’ School in Nairobi, Kenya, to teach them the art of photography in an eight-week workshop, partly sponsored by Nikon.

“I have a long history of working with street children while living in Kenya,” said Blumenkrants. “I have always been involved in what happened in the slums of Nairobi.”

Blumenkrantz has had a long career working and teaching in marginalized communities, such as the Eritrean Rebel Soldiers and the Los Angeles Homeless. She said that the opportunity for this program arose after a casual conversation with her massage therapist. He told her about his desire to do a photography project in Kenya, and he told her about his visit to a non-profit organization in Kenya. Shining hope for communities (SHOFCO:) last year.

“He said they were really dynamic, interesting, that I should check them out,” Blumenkrants said.

The location of the project at the Cyber ​​Girls’ School was chosen especially because of the limited opportunities for women and girls in the area. Working with SHOFCO was ideal because it raises their commitment to women and girls, Blumencrants said.

Blumenkrantz developed her summer course with sponsorship from Nikon ներդր Kenya Media Women Association (AMWIK:), Based on SHOFCO իր based on its own experience One Of Us project, Collaboration of writers and photographers who document life in the marginalized communities of Los Angeles, East Africa, and China.

The course will meet three times a week from late May to July. During this time, students will learn the basics of photojournalism, including digital photography, portrait photography, and photo essays. They will have access to Nikon DSLR cameras և lighting equipment, all of which were donated by Nikon to perform their tasks.

Students will also have the opportunity to take part in several field trips, such as a playground trip, to learn the art of wildlife photography.

Blumencrantz said he hoped to establish a strong, lasting relationship with the Cyber ​​School School of Journalism, stressing the importance of the program for students and their future.

“Just to get in there, to do my part, you never know who it will inspire, which of those kids is going to get out of there, become a serious voice for their people, for their community,” he said. .

Blumenkrantz said his 2021 visit to Kenya was his first in 27 years. He lived in Kenya for eight years, from the late 1980s to the early 1990s.

“Everything gradually moved to Kenya, which is a place I really love.” He said that he kept in touch with friends he had made while living in Kenya through social media.

Visit Blumencrantz’s trip to Kenya և to follow his work at the Cyber ​​School և Private: and the project‘sInstagram pages.

SCV News | CSUN Professor Headed to Nairobi to Lead Photojournalism Program Source link SCV News | CSUN Professor Headed to Nairobi to Lead Photojournalism Program

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