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The Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture has announced that Carol Zoe has been selected for a two-year residency as part of her program. Creative Strategist-Artist in Residence program. Zone will work with the Community Centers Division of the Department of Community Services, Aging, and Community Services to develop new, multicultural, intergenerational programming for Regional Control Centers in the First Control District.

Since its inception as a Los Angeles County assignment Cultural Equality Inclusion InitiativeCreative Strategist’s innovative program explores how art-based strategies can be used to address complex civic challenges and make government more equitable. Art և culture is combined with a creative strategic district department to bring arts-based thinking, methodology, projects և approaches to work with staff to address the issue of justice. As it develops the interdisciplinary role of art. interdepartmental cooperation; և diversity, equality և inclusiveness, the project supports the goals of the project Cultural policy of the regionwhich calls on the Los Angeles County’s all departments to ensure that every resident has meaningful access to the arts and culture.

The purpose of the WDACS Residency is to develop և experiment with performance, visual և participatory art programming for all ages, representing և involving different individuals served by the First District Community Centers, which can be replicated here. centers throughout the region. The settlement will address the goals of the Los Angeles Initiative for Targeted Aging, which set goals for the arts-culture planning process to enhance intergenerational social opportunities, expand programming and participation in the arts, and reduce social isolation among the elderly. Studies show that engaging with professional artists can combat social isolation, reduce doctor visits, increase skills, and promote the well-being of older people.

“Carol is an artist, writer, educator who knows how to connect with people, inspire joy, create projects that promote belonging and identity in communities. I’m excited to start our first residency, which will focus on the creative aging of older adults. Cultural exchange between generations can increase social cohesion, address bias, and change the history of what it means to be “old” or “young.” “Creative Strategist will bring that power to the service sector. I welcome our WDACS partners who are looking to explore programming with a new, creative lens,” said Kristin Sakoda, Director of Arts and Culture. “We hope this residency will create new projects that can be scaled up across the district.”

“Our community’s nursing homes have long worked with local communities to celebrate their cultural and artistic identity through grassroots efforts. The creative strategist is inseparable in our Centers to achieve our vision of integrating culture, justice and art into the programming of generations. We are delighted that Carol Zoe is joining our team, and we are very grateful for this collaboration with the Department of Arts and Culture, ”said Otto Solorzano, Acting Director of WDACS.

“Art bridges language barriers and spreads across generations, making it uniquely adapted to a richly diverse place like the Los Angeles area.” I look forward to learning how this work will enrich the experience and lives of those involved in the programming offered by our community և senior centers, ”said Dr. Laura Trejo, Executive Director of Community Aging Services.

“It’s a great honor for me to be part of a great team of creative strategists who are thinking deeply about how to use art and culture to change the talk about mental health, voting, transportation, comeback, etc.,” Zoe said. “I look forward to working with WDACS to explore the vital themes of intergenerational culture.”

Zou has collaborated with a number of state, non-commercial arts organizations, including Yarn Bombing Los Angeles, Michelada Think Tank, Trans.lation Vickery Meadow, Project Row Houses, University of Houston, Asian Arts Initiative, American Monument, Imagining America ԱՄՆ US Department of Arts և Culture, Spa Embassy, ​​Enterprise Community Partners with Small Tokyo Service Center և The Hive.

About the Los Angeles County Arts and Culture Department
The mission of the Los Angeles County Department of Arts շակ Culture is to develop the arts, culture և creative activities in Los Angeles County. It provides guidance, services ություն support in areas, including grants և technical assistance to non-profit organizations, provincial arts education initiatives, use of civic art collections և care, research և evaluation, access to creative career paths, professional development, free community programs ային Cross-sectoral creative strategies that address civic issues. Visit: LACountyArts.org:.

Workforce development, aging և community services
The mission of Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) is to provide caring services that enable people, communities, businesses to grow, succeed, and prosper. Los Angeles County Senior Community Centers offer a wide range of services, including day-to-day training, skills development, community involvement, socialization, and healthy living for people of all ages.

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