SCV artist spreads chalk cheer during quarantine

Some people look at places to walk their dogs or in their parking lot, but Santa Clarita-based chalk artist Monique Newman looks at the canvas.

Newman works for free, but sometimes receives some homemade baked goods. Newman creates colorful pieces for each driveway or sidewalk that he decorates.

Her hands are dirty with her latest selection from a palette of colors, her back may hurt a bit from bending over to outline new additions to the piece, but Newman says she’s birthday She said she would make her work, whether graduating or not, or even for a family looking for a ray of hope from a call.

Courtesy of Monique Newman

“When Santa Clarita was hosting the Bellavia Chalk Festival, a friend of the Grace Baptist (church) bought a large square and she asked for help, so I started with chalk art at that point,” Newman said. I did. “But when the COVID hits and you’re walking — when so many neighbors are walking — I just wanted to put some positive things out there when you were walking is.”

A little over a year ago, Newman began decorating concrete in the neighborhood near Calgrove Boulevard. As her art began to gain momentum on social media, others began to see if she would decorate the driveway during quarantine, boring, and monotonous times.

Courtesy of Monique Newman

Eventually she got dozens of birthday pieces, including baseball players, characters from the “Mario Kart” video game, and favorite characters who wish their kids a special day. On Easter, she made a very detailed square depicting the Christian story of Jesus Christ rising from the tomb on the third day.

“It was really fun for kids, who have very limited access to friends during birthday celebrations, to uplift people’s spirits to surprise them in the morning.”

Courtesy of Monique Newman
Courtesy of Monique Newman

According to Newman, it can take about an hour or two, depending on the details of each. At one point she was asked if she could do anything for her two parents. Then he went home with their children to sustain life. She was obliged to work with Winnie the Pooh. “When the day comes when we can’t be with you, keep me in your heart. I’ll be with you forever.”

“It was simple, but the way the couple received it felt like a message from their son, who had just lost,” she said.

Courtesy of Monique Newman

Last week, Newman sent a “Congratulations” message to West Ranch High School graduates. This indicates that the University of California, Los Angeles will be enrolled in the coming months. Alumni Kyle was seen shining with a smile, posing with his name and work of art a few hours later.

“It’s very interesting,” Newman said. “I had some reactions that really surprised me.”

For photos of Newman’s chalk art, please visit: https://chalk-greetings.business.site/.. To contact Newman, please send an email to: [email protected]..

SCV artist spreads chalk cheer during quarantine Source link SCV artist spreads chalk cheer during quarantine

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