Sculptural bike racks pop up in Oildale, thanks to grassroots advocacy and county funding | News

The idea began with an Oildale resident sharing it with another resident and a county supervisor sharing it with staff.

It ended in less than two weeks, and six colorful and sculptural bike racks were installed in six locations in the northern community of the river.

One is in the shape of an electric guitar and is a homage to Oildale’s musical heritage. The other, shaped like a coffee cup, was installed outside Covenant Coffee on North Chester Avenue.

“It’s about trying to raise the bar of hope,” said the Oildale Community Action Team, a non-profit organization that is a deputy minister of the Lifehouse Church and is working in several ways to improve the community. Vice President David Kedel said.

“We want to be able to say that people are proud to live in Oildale,” he said. “The idea was a functional art.”

Six locations required wide enough sidewalks to meet the requirements of Americans with Disabilities Act.

A racing cyclist’s red-painted figure is bolted to concrete outside the Oildale market. And a whimsical man on a bicycle is on display in green metal in front of the Omni Family Health Center in North Chester.

Mike Maggard, the overseer of the Third District County, represents Oildale as part of his district, and when he learned of the idea proposed by President Donna Cropton of OCAT and advocated by Kedel. Thought it was worth checking out.

“A key part of community revitalization is to rekindle a sense of hope, and I’m convinced that people want a better future for their families and neighborhoods,” Maggard said.

“We’ve seen this work many times, and these bike racks are the same strategy adopted throughout the county,” he said.

According to Maggard Chief of Staff Jeff Flores, many liked the idea of ​​matching the bike rack theme with the history of nearby businesses and communities. But that wasn’t always possible.

“We had one of the racks shaped like glasses,” Flores said. “We planned to place it near the office of Dr. (Gregory) Steiner, an ophthalmologist in China Grade Loop.”

However, the sidewalk was too narrow, so instead we placed a pair of specs near the airport drive.

“There is an artistic element,” says Flores. “But it’s also practical. Many people ride bicycles in Oildale.”

No one claims that the effort is a game changer, Flores said. But if it adds a splash of color, a dash of inspiration, and a little usefulness, it probably adds value.

The county cost was $ 5,184.

“It’s not a million-dollar investment,” Flores said. “But we think it can raise the spirit.

“This is a sign that people care about Oildale.”

Reporter Stephen Mayer can be reached at 661-395-7353. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter: @semayerTBC.

Sculptural bike racks pop up in Oildale, thanks to grassroots advocacy and county funding | News Source link Sculptural bike racks pop up in Oildale, thanks to grassroots advocacy and county funding | News

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