SCU President Resigns After Investigation into Inappropriate Behavior and Comments

Santa Clara University President Kevin O’Brien resigned two months later. Investigation of “inappropriate behavior” In connection with the use of alcohol, he first put him on vacation.

In a letter to SCU students and faculty members Wednesday morning, O’Brien said the decision to resign was following a March investigation by the Jesuit State Department in the Western Province of the United States. The investigation was triggered by Jesuit Provincial Superior Scott Santa Rosa, “concerns about behavior observed in certain social situations with adults who did not meet the highest standards of etiquette expected. [O’Brien] As a Jesuit for the past year. “

In the end, research found that O’Brien “engaged in actions that consisted primarily of conversation during a series of informal suppers with Jesuit graduate students that were inconsistent with established Jesuit protocols and boundaries.” did. Alcohol was included, but “no inappropriate behavior was found in settings other than these dinners.” letter This week from John M. Sobrato, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Santa Clara University.

The 54-year-old career priest, theologian, and prominent writer resigned just two years after employment, with President Joe Biden attending Washington, DC prior to his inauguration.

O’Brien said he participated in an outpatient or non-residential treatment program in April. This is expected to take 4-6 months. According to the letter, the program addresses personal issues, including alcohol use and stress management.

“With a lot of prayers and thoughts, and a deep love for Santa Clara, I conclude that the best service I can offer to my beloved university is to leave now,” O’Brien wrote. “Because I am engaged in this personal job, given the opportunity to seize when pivoting to a post-pandemic situation, among all the challenges I face in a highly competitive situation, I can’t keep the university waiting. “

We are currently searching for alternatives to O’Brien.

“The board takes this situation very seriously and fully supports those who have come forward to provide an account,” Sobrato said in a letter. “The Board will immediately establish a process for finding the next president of the university.”

Meanwhile, former SCU Provost and now Acting President, Lisa Kloppenberg will continue to lead the school and its education in collaboration with the university’s cabinet, dean and other leaders.

He praised the importance of having friends who openly raise concerns, alluding to the actions that led him to outpatient treatment. He left a message to students at Santa Clara University: “Everyone needs help from time to time. You can ask for help when you need it and let someone else take care of you.”

According to a press release announcing his appointment in 2019, O’Brien joined the Jesuits in 1996 and was ordained to the priesthood in 2006. He holds a master’s degree in philosophy from Fordham University, a master’s degree in theology and a sacred license from Theology of the Weston Jesuit Theology School, which is now part of Boston University.

SCU President Resigns After Investigation into Inappropriate Behavior and Comments Source link SCU President Resigns After Investigation into Inappropriate Behavior and Comments

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