SCSC Stock: The Perfect Online Retail Play

An Insider Intelligence study found that Americans spend an average of 4 hours and 23 minutes each day on our mobile devices.

We spend most of this time listening to music and podcasts. Another growing category is online shopping.

Finding the best deals and product information – even making big purchases online – is becoming the norm:

The chart above illustrates the growth of the US mobile payments market

In 2021, the value of the US market rose by 35.5% in the previous two years.

By 2025, the market will be Grow 105% From 2021 – And retailers are paying attention.

To facilitate the mobile shopping experience, retailers use barcodes and scannable QR codes to view product information.

People can purchase from these codes, and businesses get a lot of information about their customers.

Today’s Power Stock is a leader in capturing data from barcode technology: ScanSource Inc. (NASDAQ: SCSC).

ScanSource provides data that it captures from barcodes, as well as payment processing technology.

Its data capture and point-of-sale technology help automate payment collection for everything from retail sales to warehouse management.

ScanSource shares receive a “strong bull” rating 93 out of 100 On our stock power rating system, and we expect it to beat the broad market 3 times in the next 12 months.

SCSC Stock: An Outstanding Technological Value Game

SCSC on the way to a strong sales year:

  • In 2021, the company had sales of $ 3.1 million. During the first three quarters of fiscal 2022, $ 2.6 million of SCSC are On the way to beating last year’s revenue.
  • Each quarter of 2022 was better than the same quarter a year ago.

The price ratio for SCSC is excellent.

Its price-to-earnings ratio is reasonable 8.7 – well below the inflated IT distribution industry average of 22.7.

The price ratio for its sale is Almost half that of his cousins ​​in the industry.

Of ScanSource The return on capital is 12% … Better than the industry average of 8.9%.

SCSC Stock Chart

Created in July 2022.

Prior to the May 2022 technology sale, SCSC shares climbed 40% from June 2021.

Despite the sale, the stock is still 9.3% higher than it was a year ago and it surpasses its peers in the industry – which are 12% decrease At the same time.

ScanSource Inc Stock Scores 93 in total On our proprietary stock rating system.

That means we are “strong bulls” and expect it to beat the wider market At least three times in the next 12 months.

Cell phone purchases are becoming more common. As retailers adapt to this change, scannable barcodes and QR codes make the online shopping experience easier.

This is one of the reasons why ScanSource Inc. Is a smart addition to your portfolio.

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