Scripps Howard Foundation book campaign kick off

Bakersfield, CA (KERO) —The Scripps Howard Foundation launches its annual “Children’s Book Campaign”.

“It’s very important for children to see themselves in the book. They need to be able to have a relationship with them and see people who look like them,” said Leian, Principal of Sonar Elementary School. Scott said.

Meredith Delaney, director of the Scripps Howard Foundation’s philanthropic strategy, agreed with that sentiment.

“We make sure that those books are properly adapted to that level of reading for their child and are age-appropriate to be culturally relevant,” said Delaney. ..

Delaney said that when he sees children can find books with people who look like them, it means the world.

Scott knows that the Scripps Howard Foundation’s campaign is important to Kern County and that KERO has already raised $ 3,400 to provide free books to children, reading in the classroom. Said it would be useful.

“There’s a child’s literacy problem here, and that’s why it’s really important,” Scott said.

Delaney explained that once children have access to books, it can really change their world.

“Every time a child comes in to choose a book for his brother as well as himself, my heart melts,” said Delaney. “When thinking about demographics, the types of children we support are those who have the myriad barriers they face every day, and giving them the power to make choices they often have. Because it’s not something you’re doing. “

KERO wants to make books available to all children who want them, and is currently opening donations to the community to make books accessible to more children throughout Kahn. increase.

Scripps Howard Foundation book campaign kick off Source link Scripps Howard Foundation book campaign kick off

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