Scott Hall, WWE Legend, Dead at 63

Scott Hall, a professional wrestling legend who was a founding member of the most famous group in WCW and / or WWE history, died Monday after he was taken out of alimony.

He was 63 years old.

“WWE extends its condolences to Hall’s family, friends and fans,” the company said in a statement tonight confirming the tragic news.

The man from Maryland – who originally struck inside the square as the character Razor Ramon – had been in a critical condition as he suffered multiple heart attacks due to a blood clot resulting from hip arthroplasty.

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Ramonina Hall won the WWF Intercontinental Championship four times.

In May 1996, he returned to WCW, where he partnered under his real name with another WWF star, Kevin Nash, as The Outsiders, an intrusive tag team.

Scott Hall and Hogan

Two months later, Hulk Hogan joined the pair and formed the New World Order (or nWon), one of the most popular and influential stables in wrestling history.

Hall grew into a giant star at WCW during the late 1990s as both a tag team and a single performer.

He briefly returned with Hogan and Nash as an nWo at WWF in 2002, while working in smaller promotions and internationally until 2010.

He was elected to the WWE Hall of Fame as Razor Ramon in 2014 and again in 2020 as a member of nWon.

catch on life support

Hall’s best-known and most acclaimed match came against Shawn Michaels in WrestleMania X; it was a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship.

Throughout his career, Hall struggled openly with drug and alcohol issues.

In October 2010, while on detoxification, she was given a defibrillator and a pacemaker was implanted in her chest, and soon after, she was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Shortly after his death, a great friend and former colleague of Sean Waltman simply tweeted “he’s gone.”

friends of the hall

Meanwhile, Nash wrote the following after Hall had taken away his livelihood over the weekend:

“I am losing one person on this planet with whom I have spent more of my life than anyone else.

“My heart is broken and I am so damn sad. I love Scott with all my heart, but now I have to prepare for my life without him in the moment.

“I have been blessed to have a friend who took me at face value and I took him.”

Scott Hall, WWE Legend, Dead at 63 Source link Scott Hall, WWE Legend, Dead at 63

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