Scott Disick: My Dong Is Too Big For My Lady Friends to Handle

Scott Disick is not exactly a humble man.

She may have named her clothing brand Talentless in recognition of claims that she is only famous for impregnating Kourtney Kardashian.

But Scott wants the world to know that he is blessed with a huge hidden gift.

And yes, but by that we mean he has a big old dong.

Scott didn’t come out right away and say that she’s been blessed with BDE, but she heavily hinted at it with her latest Instagram story.

Disick posted the topic of a new reality show starring men with big heads.

He shared a New York Post article titled “Men with big penises wanted in casting call for doc Too Large to Love.”

Like the first one reported In touchDisick explained that while he would certainly qualify, he is not interested in a role in the series.

“Hard serve [for] me, Scott wrote.

As longtime Kardashian watchers know, Scott’s mammoth flesh has been the subject of discussion on several occasions.

Scott Disick has been happierScott Disick has been happier

Kourtney once explained to her sisters that Scott’s puck is like an “elephant’s trunk.”

“We went on a date night at Meatpacking [District of Manhattan] last night,” she told Kim and Khloe after an article surfaced saying Scott was “packing meat” during their night on the town.

“Scott was wearing a suit last night with no underwear so you could see something.”

Scott Disick is open to an age-appropriate girlfriend on The KardashiansScott Disick is open to an age-appropriate girlfriend on The Kardashians

“What?! That’s not normal,” a stunned Kim declared.

“We need to buy him underwear for his birthday or something. This is freaking me out!”

At the time, Kourtney might have been jealous of her siblings, but Scott’s Dong got her into considerable trouble during their ill-fated relationship.

Scott Disick in PJsScott Disick in PJs

After smuggling a female “friend” on a family vacation to Costa Rica, Scott admitted to Kourtney that he feels like some kind of “tricked out, horrible sex addict.”

“I’m definitely relieved that we talked at dinner and now I can move on,” Kourtney said in response to the confession.

“It’s been nonsense for 10 years, like up and down, so this is like the last door closed. We’re done.”

Scott Disick flies privateScott Disick flies private

While sex addiction may have explained his rampant infidelity during his years with Kourtney, Scott later retracted the claim.

“I would say that I think it’s a little rude that everyone thinks I’m a sex addict. I just like sex, but I’m not a sex addict,” she told E! News in 2017.

“I said it with humor, joking on the show, and now I’m being billed as such, and it’s not true. I like sex, but I’m not an addict.”

Scott Disick is looking aheadScott Disick is looking ahead

Today, of course, Scott and Kourtney’s relationship is long over, and she has found happiness with her new husband, Travis Barker.

What about Scott? Well, he spent the Fourth of July partying with bikini-clad models.

So we’re guessing between that and the giant dong, the guy is doing pretty well!

We guess there Is life after the Kardashian relationship!

Scott Disick: My Dong Is Too Big For My Lady Friends to Handle Source link Scott Disick: My Dong Is Too Big For My Lady Friends to Handle

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