Scotland weather: When will heatwave end and are there Met Office warnings?

Scotland is hot and humid. A week-long heat wave reached the highest temperatures of the 20s, celebrating the hottest day of the year.

It’s not always the weather we’re used to seeing in July, but the sun is welcome, especially as pandemics complicate international travel.

Once upon a time, Scottish temperatures were comparable to those of Britain’s compatriots southward. The heat of July is not so surprising.

But how long will the heat wave stay?

Here’s everything you need to know …

How long does the heat wave last?

Scotland’s temperatures have risen slowly over the past week. Teens rolled in their early twenties, then soared to a peak just below 30.

The weather is reminiscent of southern England and mainland Europe, but Scotland is in the natural sunshine, so I’m not dissatisfied.

The real question is how long it will hang out.

Well, according to the weather forecast, we could have a comfortable temperature for another week, so here’s the good news.

The refreshing high twenties may be slightly colder, but the temperature will drop slightly to the high teens after being set to hover around the low twenties next week.

Cloud cover across Scotland may feel cold, but in most areas temperatures range from 17 to 21 degrees Celsius after Saturday.

Glasgow, in particular, is set to get hot at about 27 degrees Celsius over the next few days, and Edinburgh to be about 5 degrees lower.

Aberdeen will have a high teen this weekend, but Inverness will stay to the right of the 20 degree mark.

On the other hand, the photo of the central belt is quite similar to Glasgow, sitting firmly in his mid-20s.

Is there a Met Office warning in Scotland for extreme heat?

In South West England and the region of Wales, the Met Office first issued extreme heat weather warnings.

However, in Scotland, temperatures can feel very hot, but there is no such warning.

The warning means that vulnerable people, such as the elderly, children, or people with underlying health conditions, may experience adverse health effects from the heat.

Scotland weather: When will heatwave end and are there Met Office warnings? Source link Scotland weather: When will heatwave end and are there Met Office warnings?

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