Scorpio Tarot Horoscopes: July 2022

Are you ready for 2022, Scorpio? Monthly tarotoscopes – or a combination of tarot horoscopes, tarot cards and astrology – can help you make the changes you need to grow as long as you’re ready to get the job done. Together we can find your best path forward for the coming year.

Read on to see what your sign is waiting for with the help of your monthly Tarot horoscope Scorpio. And for more guidance, see Glamor‘s weekly horoscopes or contact other zodiac signs monthly tarotcope.

Meghan Rose is a Los Angeles-based spiritual advisor, intuitive Tarot card reader and author whose work combines magic and material to create real change. Rose serves as a guide for her clients to help them navigate relationships, careers, and everything in between. For more information, visit themeghanrose.com and follow him Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter.

July 2022

Four swords: Dear Scorpio, you have recently taken a break from the lifestyle you live so that you can adapt to the life you want. Spirit acknowledges all the hard work you have done and wants you to look at this plateau as a reward for all your deep diving. You’ve done enough work, now it’s time to rest. With this short break, you can prepare for the many blessings and changes that will come your way. If you let July have inventory, ducks lined up, cleaning and deep cleaning, you’re much more prepared for the success that awaits around the corner.

Now is the time to embody the living version of yourself in your dreams. How would they work? Talk? Dress? talk to yourself? Start doing this now. Start slowly integrating your higher self into your present and sooner or later they will become one. There is no real timeline, so don’t think that everything you want is months, years, or even decades away. Embrace the idea of ​​the blessings that will come to you now. I promise you will end this month pleasantly surprised by what the universe has in store!

June 2022


Carriage: Time to move on, Scorpio! You rise to new heights, and it’s all because of your hard work and recent accomplishments. You have gone through many difficulties, Scorpio, and now is the time when life will finally shine for you. Can you believe the recent changes? I promise it’s no coincidence; You are ready for this changing tide.

If you’ve been waiting for an email, phone call, or response to a recent survey – expect it to arrive in June. Kicker? It’s even better than you originally expected! Patience is indeed a virtue, and when you master it, you feel like you have unlocked the biggest scam code of your life. Enjoy your blessings, Scorpio! June will be one of the books.

May 2022

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Five rods: Dear Scorpio, there will be a time when you can come to terms with what it means to be truly happy. Looks like you’ve been in circles with someone or someone who just isn’t what you thought it was. Instead of trying to fit a square pin into a round hole, try to move away from that person, place, or thing long enough to figure out what you’ve been trying to get out of the situation, and finally start giving it to yourself. Attaching to a future that needs a detour from your present will only hurt you in the long run. Come back to planet Earth and fall into your heart. What are you running away from? What painful wound still needs to be sutured with your own love and attention?

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