Scaled down event adds focus to local vendors

San Diego — Comic-Con isn’t the same size as the previous year, but despite the COVID-19 restrictions, local vendors are excited to showcase their crafts to participants.

Sonia Melinkoff, owner of Nerdy Novelty Design, said:

This year’s comics may not be as packed as last year, but vendors said face-to-face sales are booming.

“Online business is fun and fun, but it’s about the human interactions you get,” said Vincent Alvendia, owner of Eggdrop Ramen Studio.

Alvendia emigrated from the Philippines to the United States and remembers going to the Comic Book as a kid. He said securing a vendor booth this year is a dream come true.

“When the kids found out that I could paint, it was my gateway to new friends and moved into American culture,” Alvendia said. “These are blood, sweat and tears, so when people come and say they are grateful for our work, we are always grateful for it.”

There are hundreds of exhibits and lots of artwork and cosplay to appreciate.

“Wear a suit and do something,” said cosplay artist Mia Morgan White. “All heroes don’t wear cloaks, so when you’re here, you’re kind of you. If you’re different, you can dress like the one you love. You can, or you can make costumes and walk around. “

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Scaled down event adds focus to local vendors Source link Scaled down event adds focus to local vendors

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