Santee council recognizes neighbors for ‘heroic’ acts amid crash

Santee, CA — A few days after a light aircraft Crashed in Santi districtCity leaders paused on Wednesday to honor those who stepped up to support the community throughout the emotionally burdensome week.

“There were probably people who came to help the perishing people, but they didn’t perish,” Santi Mayor John Mint said at a meeting Wednesday. “Heroes are not born. Heroes are people who come forward to do heroic things. Rhymes about why it happened and how they were chosen to move forward. There was a citizen who did it on Monday for no reason. “

The twin-engine Cessna C340 crashed on Monday at about 12:15 pm at the intersection of Green Castle Street and Jeremy Street. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane owned by cardiologist Dr. Das Sugada was on his way from Yuma, Arizona to Montgomery Gibbs Executive Airport.

Das and UPS driver Steve Krueger died in a crash. It left traces of Santi’s destruction, including leveling two homes, damaging several other homes and leaving a significant amount of debris.

Kruger’s car remains in Kearney Mesa’s UPS parking lot, with more monuments from friends and colleagues.

In the wake of the tragedy, Kruger’s family said they were impressed with their support.

Steve’s brother, Jeff Kluger, said: “It’s much easier just to know what many people feel about him.”

Steve’s sister-in-law also talked to FOX5 about how he is remembered.

“The happiest and most affectionate person,” said Georgia Gonzalez. “Everyone loves him and it has been proven many times. Look at the people on his route. He loved working at UPS.”

Das worked at the Yuma Regional Medical Center in southwestern Arizona.His hospital Condolences for his death Earlier this week, the community said it had lost “a man who devoted his life and career to caring for extraordinary doctors, colleagues, friends and patients.”

His family hasn’t spoken publicly, but Kruger’s family keeps their ideas.

“We are all waiting for more information about the doctors who were probably flying, and our hearts are for those who have lost or affected their families and their homes. I’m going out, “said Gonzales. “That’s terrible.”

A candle rally is planned on Thursday at the corner of Mast Boulevard and Jeremy Street, within walking distance of the crash site to honor both victims.Starts at 7 pm

Santee council recognizes neighbors for ‘heroic’ acts amid crash Source link Santee council recognizes neighbors for ‘heroic’ acts amid crash

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