Santa Clara County to Convert Housing Complexes to Affordable Housing

Santa Clara County Supervisors on Tuesday approved a quartet of housing projects that will convert existing properties into more than 300 affordable housing units.

The board unanimously approved the acquisition of four properties: two in San Jose, one in Morgan Hill and one in Santa Clara – which will be converted into 324 combined housing units.

Upon completion, each of the four housing complexes will include at least 72 housing units and one on-site management unit.

One of the properties, located at 21 N. 21st Street. In San Jose, it will also include about 10,200 square feet of commercial space in addition to its 80 housing units, which will be reserved for people with developmental disabilities, youth moving through an apartment. Of the foster care system, section 8 housing slip holders and homeless residents.

The other three projects will be located at 15440 Monterey Road in Morgan Hill, 3335-3337 Kifer Road in Santa Clara and 1135 E. Santa Clara St. In San Jose.

“These are the kind of projects that’s exactly what we need,” Superintendent Otto Lee said during Tuesday morning’s board meeting.

The principal financing for the purchase and conversion of all four properties will come from Tier 1 of 2016, an affordable housing bond of $ 950 million approved by the voter.

The county has already supported affordable housing projects with first-class funding in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Gilroy and Milpitas in addition to Santa Clara, Morgan Hill and San Jose.

Of the 41 first-degree projects approved by the county, 29 are in San Jose.

Superintendent Cindy Chavez said Monday that the county intends to launch affordable housing projects in additional cities across the county.

Chavez said Monday that the county is selecting first-rate projects by alerting cities that there is funding available.

“It allows any city that wants to have a project in its community (to come to us,” Chavez said.

Nearly 900 housing units have already been built through first-class funding, according to the district, with another 2,000 units under construction or planned to begin construction in the next six months.

County officials expect to spend up to $ 17.1 million in total to purchase the four properties.

Construction to convert the four properties into housing units is expected to begin this summer, according to the county.

Santa Clara County to Convert Housing Complexes to Affordable Housing Source link Santa Clara County to Convert Housing Complexes to Affordable Housing

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