Santa Clara County Optimistic Outdoor Mask Mandate Will Be Lifted March 2

Santa Clara County, the last province left in the state with an indoor masking mandate for vaccinated people, came one step closer to removing the order today, but stopped at announcing it would certainly happen.

“Our COVID-19 hospitalizations are low and stable, and today we also met the new case index. These data are very encouraging, and I anticipate that our steady downward trend in cases will continue,” Santa Clara County Health Officer Dr. Sarah Cody said today.

Another week and the masks may come off. “We’re on our way,” Cody said at a news conference at noon.

“If this continues, we can safely move from an internal masking requirement to a strong recommendation on March 2” to remove the mandate.

Codes defended “adherence to our indices”, as the safest route against the decline in Cubid-19 numbers in the province.

She said she was confident her approach had helped ensure that “everyone in our community is protected – the elderly, young children, vital workers and those suffering from immune distress – as our community commitment settles down.”

Cody said state requirements for in-house masking would still apply to unvaccinated people and in schools and other settings regardless of the vaccination status.

Also today, San Jose Mayor Sam Licardo announced a proposal to change the accelerating mandate for public access to all of the city-owned facilities, including the SAP Center, the Conference Center and Historic Theaters, in response to Recent drop in Omicron COVID-19 cases.

Licardo proposed to end the current accelerator mandate for the public entering the city-owned facilities, while continuing the existing inspection requirements in accordance with state laws.

“The accelerator mandate served its purpose during Omicron’s leap, by encouraging participants and visitors to public buildings to defend themselves and this during the period when our intensive care patients faced the greatest pressure of an increase in hospitalizations,” he said in a statement. “Even though this wave has passed its, we must remain vigilant about the next.”

The district Public Health Department announced today that the rolling seven-day average for 19 new Cubid cases was 501, the first day with 550 cases and below since being updated Criteria A change in the universal mandate for indoor masking of the province was announced.

Cody said that if the seven-day rolling average of new daily cases stays above or below 550 for 7 consecutive days, the internal masking requirement will no longer be mandatory as of March 2nd.

State health officials will maintain universal internal masking regardless of vaccination status in many settings, including all K-12 schools, child care facilities, public transportation, health facilities, shelters, prisons and long-term care facilities.

California Covid-19 Tract Requirements.

As previously announced, the three metrics that must be met in order to pass the county’s universal masking requirement for recommendation are:

  • At least 80% of the county’s population is vaccinated;
  • COVID-19 hospitalizations in the jurisdiction are low and stable at the discretion of the public health officer; and,
  • The rolling average of 7 days of new COVID-19 cases is 550 or less for at least 7 consecutive days.

The county has in the past met the requirement of at least 80% of the population to be vaccinated. Cody also confirmed that the index for Covid-19 hospitalizations in the jurisdiction existed.

Santa Clara County Optimistic Outdoor Mask Mandate Will Be Lifted March 2 Source link Santa Clara County Optimistic Outdoor Mask Mandate Will Be Lifted March 2

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