San Marcos wins third-straight, sets sights on playoffs

After starting district play 0-5, San Marcos has begun to find a way to success. To do an unorthodox defensive spray on the mound and to assist the pitcher.

Reagan Chomel, a freshman pitcher, defeated Austin High School (3-15, 1-7 districts) 3-1 to complete a high school complete game, but did not recognize their achievements by backing him up. Did not last long.

“Thanks to Rattler’s teammates for their outstanding defensive performance,” Chomel posted after the game on Twitter.

Rattlers’ defense continues to be their strength as they have continued to play close games with ranked opponents throughout the state. To date, San Marcos (17-7-2, 3-5) lost the most to four runs in both Smithson Valley and Lake Travis, both ranked. They have an average of 1 run per game, including unranked teams, while ranked opponents in the district have an average of 5.5 runs per game.

At the top of the top of the second inning, outfielder Ryan Hicks was busy catching the pop-up, and shortstop Johnny Pardo made it to the final with a Derek Jeter-like scoop in his glove. The stop allowed the Ratlers to be aggressive. The attack began with Senior Moises’ “Base Hit” Alva, who sparked the team at six spots in the lineup. His production at Keyspot gave him a nickname.

“I’ve been staying on the ball and trying to get a base hit and keeping my head down. Nickname, they told me like a few games ago, and I’m what they’re saying I didn’t even notice, “Aruba said.

His hit moved the pinch runner Gavin Gomez into the scoring position. Hicks then released a line drive RBI single and brought Gomess in the next play. Senior catcher Selvin Anderson shot a solo shot over the purple wall on the left, scoring 3 innings, scoring 2-0. Aruba got on the bass again with a single. His speed led to Steele, which led to another run, the last run of the San Marcos game.

It was up to their defense to maintain four more innings. When Chomel picked it up, the defense followed his lead. The freshman hit four maroon batters during the stretch. The visitor brought the run home at the top of the sixth, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the three purple and white runs scored in the first half of the game. With a 3-1 victory over Austin High School, San Marcos continued to hunt for the playoffs, one step closer to this season’s goal.

“We have set some goals. We want to achieve 20 wins this year. We want to get a playoff berth and do two rounds. We have a lot of goals set as a team. Yes. You know, we’re looking at the clinch. The district title is almost out of the question, but the district title is appropriate as you have to find a playoff spot if that happens. It has to bloom at the right time, and we’re starting it, and it’s going to be a difficult road to get there, “said head coach Brian Webb. “We know there are six district ball games left, and we also know what we have to do, and another non-district game. Get ready to play each inning. We will play against all our opponents like the last. There is no luxury of not sitting out. We will use someone who is not better than us or nobody. We have to go play. . “

San Marcos aims to keep clicking at the perfect timing with Delvalet (9-13, 1-7) in Ratlerfield next Tuesday at 7pm.

San Marcos wins third-straight, sets sights on playoffs Source link San Marcos wins third-straight, sets sights on playoffs

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