San Marcos police make arrest in bomb hoax

St. Mark’s police made an arrest after a man at a local mall claimed his suitcase was a bomb.

Peter Brett Clark, 63, was arrested on Friday on charges of bomb blasting. Officials said the St. Mark’s police station was sent to 1330 Aquarena Springs Drive for a bomb threat. Police said one who called 911 reported that Clark was running in and out of a store with his suitcase, behaving erratically and saying his suitcase was a bomb.

Clark put the suitcase in front of a trash can just outside the business, police said, adding that he walked to Interstate 35 on Aquarena Springs Drive. Police arrived at the scene and evacuated the Stadium Plaza, alerted the University of Texas Police Department and blocked traffic in the surrounding area.

Officials said it was requested by the Austin Police Department (EOD) Bomb Team and arrived at the scene. The suitcase was cleaned at about 8:19 p.m. since they found nothing suspicious in her.

Clark was arrested near Aquarena Springs Drive Block 1500 and remanded in custody. He was taken to Hays County Jail and released on $ 2,500 bail on Saturday.

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San Marcos police make arrest in bomb hoax Source link San Marcos police make arrest in bomb hoax

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