San Marcos drops regular season finale, turns attention to playoffs

The Rattlers failed to keep pace on Friday night.

In the final of the season and series with one of the best teams in baseball UIL 6A, San Marcos fell 10-0 from the run-run rule in five innings in Lake Travis. The purple and whites had won a place in the playoffs before Friday’s game, with Austin Bowie winning and eliminating Austin High.

“We have to handle adversity better,” said coach Bryan Webb. “We had an unfortunate call to the second base that did not go well for us, and it is as if all the momentum turned. (It was) as if we lost all our steam and all our excitement. And you know, it was just a game and the moment it was 1-0 and the next thing you know, we have a few walks (and) kids and they take a double and you look up and it’s 6-0. “

“Well, you know, we have to (better) focus. We were flat going out (and) I do not know how mentally prepared we were to go out tonight. We played our guts on Tuesday. You know, it seems like we’re a little tired right now. “We should probably go do some ice baths and reorganize.”

San Marcos (16-15-1, 8-6 District 26-6A) played a tight 1-0 ball game – similar to Tuesday’s 2-0 defeat by Lake Travis – until the third period. The Rattlers started the inning with a walk and then dropped a three-pointer to record a run.

Lake Travis created the momentum by hitting many balls in different parts of the court, pushing visitors into an inning of six runs and extending their lead to seven. San Marcos had to make three substitutions at half time and five throughout the game.

“Well, (we) have to get better on the mound, (we have to) do routine games and we have to hit the runners in scoring position,” Webb said. “And (we) must be able to ignite better and be able to move the runners and do what we have to do. And you know, we’re going to keep working (what) we did in training and our district is not an easy district to do all these things, so I think our district has prepared us for what we’re going to do I see. You never know, a toy could turn everything upside down and keep you hot and rolling and now all those balls bounce in your way. So we will be sure to go next week. “

The Rattlers will focus on the playoffs, specifically their fight with District 25-6A Round Rock Westwood (21-6, 11-3). The Warriors have been coming from their first regional championship for more than two decades.

“We’ve seen them sometimes (and) they’re useless,” Webb said. “They play hard, they play the game the right way (and) they are well trained. You know, they’re in a difficult area there and they had to beat some tough people there. So they have persevered all the way and seem to know how to handle adversity. We need to play good baseball when we get there next week and do what we do. We were really inconsistent all year. We need to correct these inconsistencies, otherwise we will end quickly. But you know, our kids are useless too.

“They will learn and come back very well and you know, Lake Travis is not a tough team. It is a very good club and there is a reason it is 25-4. But you know, we expect better results from there. We chose a week, we will reorganize and you know, if we had to have a bad time, tonight was the night. So we will go in and play our game. Our opponents are who they are. And you know, if they’re better than us, let ‘s make them better than us. Let’s (not) give them anything and somehow we will prepare next week “.

San Marcos will play Round Rock Westwood in either a playoff game or a series, depending on the official decision of the district champion, which will be announced after the district is certified by the UIL. The Rattlers will try to wipe the slate and return to the basics by advancing to the first against fourth place.

“We go back to the first day to practice the basics,” Webb said. “This is how you win a playoff series. You need to be able to go out when you can and play double when you can. And (you should) be able to hit when you get the chance. This philosophy has worked for a long time and we will go to the first day of training, you know, on January 29th or whatever. I will make this training plan and we will integrate it on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and we will go there and play the best basic baseball we can and we will see how we will do it “.

San Marcos drops regular season finale, turns attention to playoffs Source link San Marcos drops regular season finale, turns attention to playoffs

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