San Marcos City Manager announces retirement

Bart Lumbreras, manager of the city of San Marcos, announced his retirement on January 31, 2022.

Lumbreras announced on Tuesday that he would retire from his position in the city council of San Marcos. In a letter to city officials, Lumbreras said, “This was one of the really best experiences and tenures of my entire career.”

“This is my life throughout my career and I thought I would serve if I was still passionate, making a difference and having fun,” writes Lumbreras. .. “It’s time for the next adventure. We spent time with our children, and now three grandchildren and one granddaughter brighten our lives every day, make large trips, have new hobbies, I’m volunteering, so now instead of managing the city, I’m going to manage my time for my wife, myself, and the whole family. ”

After graduating from Southwest Texas State University at the time and working as an intern at the City Hall while attending college, Lumbreras returned to San Marcos after serving as Assistant City Manager for the City of Austin. He was one of 55 applicants from 21 states who applied for this position. Lumbreras was finally elected the only finalist, and the San Marcos City Council approved his appointment as mayor on July 18, 2017. He was officially inaugurated as mayor on August 14, 2017.

“I’m honored to serve seven different communities in Texas for the past 40 years, starting at the age of 22 in my hometown,” writes Lumbreras. “At the beginning of my first year of college in 1978, I wanted to serve the community as a city administrator. I never wanted to look back or do anything else with that goal. No. But for me now, it’s fun! “

San Marcos City Manager announces retirement Source link San Marcos City Manager announces retirement

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