San Marcos can’t overcome obstacles in district loss

Records have been fooled by women’s basketball in District 26-6A.

San Marcos fell to 49-38 on Tuesday night in the opening round of his home Lake Travis (6-8, 1-0 district). This is the first time the host has dropped a series of games this season. This happens in addition to the protracted issues that the team has recently addressed.

“Winning is a difficult process. We were all there. Little League, Middle School, High School, College, it doesn’t matter. You have to do everything you deserve to win,” said Head Coach Germain. Irvine said. “Lake Travis made a free throw. I missed a free throw. You can compare it to see who won the game. Lake Travis has some more aggressive rebounds and so on. There was a small thing. “

San Marcos (9-4, 0-1) set a record of more than .500 matches and felt ready for the final stages of the match ahead of the district opener. But then adversity struck the team. Irvine did not play in the last two games of the regular season for personal reasons. Senior security guard Vivian Hernandez entered the concussion protocol and was unable to play in the match, forcing freshman security guard Ezra Tobias to fill in on her behalf. Due to the events happening around the team, many players were forced to play out of position and their energy did not reach the standards of their coaches.

“I didn’t like body language in the first quarter. We were dead,” Irvine said. “We looked like some kids taking the STARA test all day, and we were tired, a little moody, and lacking energy, so we had to get over that too. bottom.”

Still, San Marcos won four of the last five and started 9-3 this year to join the district play. Meanwhile, the district’s opponent, Lake Travis, was 5-8, losing seven out of eight games in a single digit this season. One team got on a hot start and the other team figured out how to win a tough match.

These recent programs are playing good games with each other, as the records do not tell a complete story. Last season, Lady Cavaliers defeated Lady Rattlers 13 in their first match. The next time they arrived on the floor together, San Marcos regained favor by defeating Lake Travis in its exact amount.

This time, Lake Travis entered a hostile territory on a mission and was executed early and frequently. Lady Cavaliers started the game 3-3 and let them know they wanted to score internally. Senior Wing Adelia Pearson passed the opponent’s 2-3 zone and threw the ball from above into the Junior Center Amiya Moore. Amiya Moore removed the lid from the bucket of San Marcos.

If they weren’t on the free throw line, they were scoring efficiently. Again, Lady Cavaliers got off to a more than 50% start from the field in the first two minutes of the second quarter. All started by senior Audrey Humman. He hit the team’s second three nights and extended the visitor’s lead to 16. At the time.

San Marcos sliced ​​the lead to 5 with 46.9 seconds remaining for the play of senior guard Angelina Sotero, who won consecutive buckets before Lake Travis was forced to call a time-out. Run 14-6 dragged San Marcos 30-22 to halftime.

“The number one thing we’re trying to plant in our program as a first-year coach this year is that we can’t stop,” Irvin said. “There was no starter tonight. Vivian hasn’t used the concussion protocol yet, which really ruins (our) rotation. Not too deep, but there is a specific rotation. And now I I’m going to bring in freshmen, and she has to start, so it really disappoints us, but I play many girls in different positions they aren’t used to playing I had to do it. “

Lady Cavaliers kept hitting the ball. Two more buckets extended the lead to two digits, the third bucket was 2:47. Another 7-0 run by the visitor pushed them back to a 17-point lead at the end of the third.

I will never stop San Marcos. Purple and White leaned against Sotero to score. Nine of her total of 16 points were earned in the fourth quarter alone. It wasn’t over for her. I’ve heard Irvin shout “Gimmy One Angelina” about the three pointers he just put in front of the bench. Sure enough, a senior came and swung it around. 3 allowed Ervin to call the timeout, but San Marcos is still 48-36, with 3:52 remaining.

From that point on, the attacks on both teams stagnated. In the last four minutes of the game, he scored only one point between Lady Rattlers and Lady Cavaliers, winning 11 points 49-38 on Lake Travis.

San Marcos will travel this Friday at 7pm for a match against Austin Westlake. San Marcos had already seen one security guard in all districts at Miagar Brace and encountered another guard, Peyton Friermas, on Friday night.

“Young women in Westlake (Freamas) can really play the game,” Irvin said. “She came here and had a really good moment last year. She had a little trouble when we played there, but she made some big time shots. She made some big time shots. I played some big things for the team. My girl takes it as a challenge. They step up to the challenge and we are ready. “

San Marcos can’t overcome obstacles in district loss Source link San Marcos can’t overcome obstacles in district loss

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