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Goodbye, San Manuel Casino.

Hello, Yaamaba Resort & Casino in San Manuel.

Mission Indians San Manuel Band has changed the name of the casino in the Highland area prior to the December debut of the new luxury hotel and resort, tribal officials announced on Friday, September 24th.

In a telephone interview, Afsi Bird, Vice President of Hotel Operations, said “Yaamava” is a Serrano word for spring, a period of growth and rebirth. “Like any other transformation, this change is very important to the tribes, and for the past three years, building this beautiful luxury resort is a truly wonderful milestone for them.”

Yaamava’is “in line with the birth of this new building, the birth of this new endeavor,” Bird said. “A new beginning.”

The tribe started its gaming business in 1986 and became known as San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino as it expanded, and in recent years it has shortened its name to San Manuel Casino.

Laurens Vosloo, CEO of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, emailed Thursday, September 23, that the opening of the hotel and entertainment center shortly “is probably the most transformative effort as the property moves away from local casinos. Represent. ” For a full-scale resort.

“The importance of these physical changes has given the tribe the opportunity to determine if it is the right time to rethink the casino’s identity,” he said. “And that was the case for them.”

Vosloo said: But it was very important for the tribes to be able to respect the land and culture of their ancestors.

“Ultimately, their values ​​led them to this decision.”

Kate Spilde, chair of the Sycuan Institute on Tribal Gaming at San Diego State University, said renaming destinations in 35 years of brand equity is an example of the Serrano tribe. Play the game and really establish and remind guests that this is a tribal land. “

“How are game revenues, game facilities, and game employment actually strengthening the tribal community and the communities around the region and around the tribe? This is very much for understanding the game and welcoming guests. It’s a different way, “says Spilde.

“This does not welcome guests to the business. It does welcome guests to the tribal hometown.”

The San Bernardino County rebranding includes a new visual identity and logo inspired by the land of the Serrano people’s ancestors, tribal officials said in a statement about the new brand.

The Yaamava logo, in which the leaves of the Yucca plant form a “Y” in a basket pattern, symbolizes the local history of the San Manuel Band, while paying homage to the culture and heritage of the San Manuel Band.

The rebranding is related to the tribal sports, stadiums and arena partners that visitors have previously seen at Saint-Manuel Casino, so when the Yaamaba Resort & Casino in Saint-Manuel becomes visible, Vosloo said. Stated. You can also use the Mission Indians San Manuel Band instead of the San Manuel Casino.

Vosloo said that such a large-scale rebranding would take time.

“We have already begun changing the sign and we aim to complete it in the coming weeks,” he added. “But it’s pretty realistic to understand that many people on the San Manuel Casino trip may continue to call it by its old name for some time.”

According to Vosru, there are no plans to rename the restaurant or other venues.

The casino, run by the tribal San Manuel Entertainment Authority, has evolved over the last 35 years. After the opening of the first Bingo Hall in 1986, card games and 300 slot machine floors were added in 1994, and the number of slot machines increased to thousands in 2001.

Opened in 2005, the existing casino features a game space, restaurants, parking lots, and a bingo hall that acts as an entertainment facility for accommodation, attracting a diverse range of artists such as Gloria Estefan. kiss, Little Richard, Joan Rivers, Pakita La Delvalio, Drake.The casino eventually closed the Bingo Hall and opened up space Rockin Casino completed in November 2017 In addition to music-themed slot machines, Rock & Brews and George Lopez Chingon Kitchen..

As the property grew, so did the brand identity of San Manuel Casino, found in prominent locations in Southern California, from multiple locations at Dodger Stadium to signs along the region’s bustling highways. In addition to sponsoring most Southern California professional sports teams, San Manuel Casino has also partnered with Nevada professional sports teams, including the Las Vegas Raiders and Golden Knights.

But branding is more than just business, Spirde said.

“Tribes, like all businesses, need to consider the rate of return on investment, but more than that, tribes have additional indicators that are just as important to them. It’s the rate of return on the community.” She said.

Southern California and beyond

$ 760 Million Expansion of Resort Started in July 2018, However Coronavirus pandemic Construction delay. In recent months, the tribe has had more game space, multiple new cap rooms, Serrano Vista Cafe, 3 bars And a new shop.

The next phase will include a 17-storey hotel scheduled to open in December. 432 guest rooms including 127 suites, spa and pool area.

And in early 2022, the 2,800-seat entertainment venue will be open to the public.

Tribal spokeswoman Jenna Brady said the renaming of Highland real estate was already discussed in 2018, when San Manuel tribal leaders embarked on new hotels and resorts.San Manuel Band of Mission Indians will be closed Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas Brady added that by the end of the year, the rebranding of Southern California’s Anchor Casino would allow the tribe to lend San Manuel’s name to other business ventures.

By the end of 2021, the San Manuels have announced that they will employ more than 6,000 people.

The expansion of the tribal casino footprint has followed many other tribal casinos growing in the region in recent years.

new Agua Caliente Casino Cathedral Citi Open November 2020; Sobova Casino Resort’s new casinos and hotels Opened in the San Jacinto area in February 2019.When Expansion of Pechanga Resort & Casino The second hotel tower, including a new event space and pool complex — was completed in March 2018.

In addition, the casino website has changed to yaamava.com There is a new name social media handle.

“Yaamava” should convey the tribe’s positive commitment to preserving and advancing their own culture, “Vosloo said. “In addition, future advertising campaigns that will begin to actually introduce new brands later this year will begin to strip the layer of Yaamava and its potential.”

San Manuel Casino rebrands as Yaamava’ Resort & Casino at San Manuel – San Bernardino Sun Source link San Manuel Casino rebrands as Yaamava’ Resort & Casino at San Manuel – San Bernardino Sun

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