San Jose Sharks Media Transcript: Cogliano, “We didn’t take away what they were good at”

After a weekend back to back against the Boston Bruins (3-1, l ‘) f Seattle Kraken (3-1, W), h San Jose Sharks Made a one-day trip to Las Vegas for their second meeting this season with Vegas Golden Knights.

Between the loss of opening goalkeeper James Reimer after the first period due to a lower body injury and the possession of 17 shots and just one goal over 60 minutes, the Sharks fell 3-1 at a loss where there were not many positive things to rely on. .

Head coach Bob Bonner, forward Andrew Kugliano and goalkeeper Zachary Sauchenko met with media people to reflect on the loss and the blind spots in the Sharks’ game.

Here’s what they had to say:

Bob Bonner

On Reimer’s condition: No update at this time. Clear lower body, can not return. We will probably know more tomorrow when our doctors look at it.

On the heavy schedule: All of these guys looked really tired tonight, and that’s not an excuse. You must find ways at this time of year. This game was within reach, although we did not play better than 40 minutes. I think we played six games in 10 days and our great guys all played a lot – no one played more than Reims. You can see our schedule and I think Reims is our tenth regular out of the lineup. It was ground.

On offense: We just did not win the battles, we did not play enough at their end, and when we did, we were not heavy and hard enough. The thing that disappointed me the most, we talked about before the game: they are a team in high transition. Our game plan was to try not to let anyone stand behind us. We wanted to pull our third and fourth a little further out, our defense to be a little closer, and play between the points. They stretched us all night, and exactly what we did not want to happen happened. They are a team in a hurry, and we did not make them defend enough. If you play defense all game, you get tired and you do not have enough juice to attack.

About shots: We did a terrible job. Our forwards did not collapse hard enough. Again, I think we lost battles all over the ice, even in the D area. I thought we did not have good sticks, even in the neutral zone. We did not take pucks out of Vegas, there was just nothing I could say positive about our game tonight. The only thing I would say is that we found a way to keep it a single-goal game over time, and it’s an opportunity along the way, no matter how you play. You can come up with a good 10 minutes and find a way to win, but we were unable to raise anything tonight.

On Hill’s progress: Of all the programs, he is scheduled to train with us on Thursday, full training. Obviously we need it back. Reims has played a lot and now he’s injured, and it’s time for Hiller to overcome if he’s physically capable.

On the entry of Svechenko: I thought he was coming in and fighting. I thought he made some saves. It was such an unfair situation for him, really, because we did not produce anything offensive and spent a lot of time at our end. Every time he was called this year, he did his job.

About the young players: A lot of our great guys have been playing a lot of minutes this past week, the last 10 days, and I could see the effects of that tonight. This is just the reality of it. I do not think there are any excuses for this at this time of year. You find ways and you honk and fight, you simplify your game, but we just could not do it. I do not think it was a lack of effort, I think there was simply no juice in the container. We could not make it in the attack, we never had a power play. We just did not have a chance to get much.

Andrew Cogliano

On his absence: My daughter, Olive, was in the hospital again. On Saturday we had another emergency with her, so she was hospitalized and we were there for a few days. She’s getting along now, she’s back home, and that’s great. She was treated very well in the hospital and our doctors were very helpful. I owe them a lot of credit, they are great people. We had some intimidation with her, and obviously things are a bit sensitive, so I needed a few days to take care of my family and my daughter, so I could go back tonight.

About the Vegas game: Not good enough, obviously not nearly good enough. I just think they played really hard at their end, we did not win enough fights at the end to create a time zone. Really, we have not taken the game plan they have been doing here for years, which is out of the rush. We let guys go behind us, we give stretch dedication to guys who were wide open and not above and above them. It’s on us. We know the game plan, the game plan carved in stone. Obviously the game plan against these guys is to try and take the rush, and they are very good at it and they are stretching guys behind you. For whatever reason, we just did not want to do it.

About Reimer: Obviously losing two goalkeepers is not ideal, so it’s not the best thing for us, but I thought Sauzie did a great job. He came in, he looked safe and well. I think when you get a chance to find a job in the NHL, you should take advantage of it. I hope he gets another look because it looks like he’s ready to play.

About how the sharks played: I just think it’s disappointing that we did not take – or try to take, really – what they were good at. I think if we just play the game plan we got in terms of trying to stay above them in the neutral zone and take the return dedication and catch them in the neutral zone as much as possible, we will not give up on breakouts and 2 on 1 and 3 on 2. We just did not. We kept the game pretty close, but I thought our goalkeepers were successful. They were a little unlucky, but in the end it was our fault that we really did not do what we were supposed to do.

Zak Sauchenko

On the game against Vegas: Always cool to play here. I was here when [Patrick Marleau] Broke the record last year, so I pretty much saw that vibe. Just to be at ice height, it was a special building. I think these guys are doing it the right way, it’s a whole production out there, it’s entertainment, it was fun out there.

On how he found out: I kind of saw the end of the first one, and then Reims just walked up to me and said, “Hey, just a note, maybe you’re coming in.” Then Nabi came in, just said briefly that I was going in and for the rest of the break, I just went out there and tried to prepare as best I could. About like last time, it happened so fast, I just went out and started playing.

Back to: Obviously this is the first game in a while, I’m sure you have the days between them much better than me, but I felt good. I tried to keep it simple, there are some things I would like to clean up, but at the end of the day, if you do not play for so long, it’s something I’m proud of, and something I’m looking to build from.

About the locker room: Yes, there were some guys. I’ll talk about Reims here soon. He’s the ultimate pro, I’ve seen it in the last two weeks here. How he takes care of his body, how he takes care of himself away from the surface, how he takes care of himself on the ice. He’s the ultimate pro, and he was a great mentor to me, just to see him. He pretty much just said, “Get out there, have fun,” sort of.

Then it’s clear that Coach approached me, Branzi approached me, Tommy, all the leaders on this team. I think the leadership on this team is unreliable, something I have never seen before. It was a good and cool moment.

On staying ready: I think you kind of take it day after day, just like I did all year. You can not look too far ahead. You would tell me in October that I would play in the NHL in January, I would laugh. You never know what might happen. At the end of the day, you just have to be prepared for your opportunity because you never know when it might come. When I entered the skating rink today, I did not expect to play, but at the end of the day, when your number called, you must go out there, you have to do your job. This team is in a playoff push here, and every point is critical.

Approaching the future schedule: I think you just take it day after day. I said that the last time I talked to you after this game in Pittsburgh, in the end, it’s a summit, and you want to do everything you can to stay here. I’m going to be ready. That’s what we play, that’s why we train so hard in the summer. This is where you want to be, right? So, like I said, just take it day after day and see what happens here.

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San Jose Sharks Media Transcript: Cogliano, “We didn’t take away what they were good at” Source link San Jose Sharks Media Transcript: Cogliano, “We didn’t take away what they were good at”

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