San Jose Sharks at Calgary Flames Preview: Measuring the heat

God San Jose Sharks (27-27-8, Pacific VII) were not too impressed by the heat in the games against Calgary Flames (38-16-8, Pacific First) In what would otherwise have been a tremendous season for the Albert Club. But it’s been more than a month since the blades sat at the head of the Pacific Ocean, while the shark season continues towards the end of the division.

Since the last time these two teams competed on December 7, 2021 – when the Sharks won 5-3 – much has changed, some very recently. The trading date came and went, and the flames added important parts to Tyler Topoli and Cala Jarencruck in February and March. The Sharks, meanwhile, signaled to Thomas Hartl an eight-year extension last week, effectively ousting a concern that has plagued them all season.

Then, on the morning of the last deadline, Sharks made a few moves, highlighted by the acquisition of goalkeeper Capo Kakakonen in a trade that divided the defense Jacob Middleton Wild Minnesota. Kahkonen is a service-minded network keeper who has played 25 games this season, with a save percentage of .910 (SV%). With James Reimer and Adin Hill both struggling with recent injuries and fatigue, the new acquisition may sign up for his first game in the competition against the Flames.

San Jose also moved forward Andrew Cogliano and Nick Markley, though the trades open just one forward slot that has already been on a certain swing this season, thanks to injuries and illness.

Next, the two opponents have very different agendas. The flames strengthened their ranks ahead of a deep playoff run in front of people like them Vegas Golden Knights or Los Angeles Kings; God Colorado Crash And St. Louis Blues; And perhaps beyond the candidates at the Eastern Conference.

The Sharks, on the other hand, have made it clear they are selling on the due date by moving the credible Middleton in order to return assets for next season. The pressure to push for the playoffs, then, has eased slightly, as the team strives to refine its systems and appreciate the value of the long list of free agents waiting for the off-season 2022 season, including players like Alexander Barbanov, Jacob. Magna, Yona Gadjovich and Nicholas Maloche.

Having signed Hertl to an average $ 8.137 million annual contract, San Jose will have to be creative to stay below the frame while striving to sign help in key areas if it wants to return to being competitive in the coming seasons.

A smart strategy coming into Tuesday’s game might be to use Flames as a measuring stick. If head coach Bob Bonner is still next season, this might be a perfect opportunity to see how his team stands against the best in the league this year. Joe Will and Doug Wilson also need to pay attention. The flames can roll all four lines: the depth of their center, for example, pushed Sean Monahan to the fourth line. This is no small achievement for Calgary, as Monahan is only a few years away from playing at the top in the front row. The shark management team, then, may keep its eye on the microscope among other things in the composition of a successful forward corps.

It’s also always fun to rub shoulders with the annoying Matthew Takachuk and the monolithic duo of defenders Nikita Zdorov and Eric Goodbranson. Milan Lučić can also come. Gadjovich is waiting for everyone.

What is the price of Kahkonen?

The Sharks last played in the Wild in December 2021 in a 5-2 loss, but it was Cam Talbot in the net. So when Will, the acting general manager, executed Kakonen’s trade on Middleton, he probably thought about the combined 0.927 SV% that Kakonen recorded against the Sharks for six games in the 2020-21 season.

This season, Minnesota got to underestimate its goalkeeper, if at all, and their cockroach was a part of it. As mentioned, its 910 SV% is pretty average, but still an improvement over its 2020-21 average of .902. The critique, then, seems focused on the belief that a team facing Minnesota should be better than just an average goalie. Nevertheless, despite similar numbers in Talbot, the Wilds undoubtedly moved away from the chance of a start he had hoped for.

But for the lower sharks, can they intercept the goalie gold at the right moment in their gagging career? After just three seasons, and only 25 games this season, fatigue is not an issue. He will be a limited free agent this summer.

This can work out in one of two ways: the sharks can find the right-sized plug on a corps of battered goalkeepers for the rest of the season and a decent rent, or they may find themselves with plenty of beginners advancing. A pending decision, starting with a possible Kahkonen performance against the Flames.

Sleep of power play

Earlier this month, the Sharks power play was a success, especially after changing the setting. With Eric Carlson returning since March 10, the top unit consists of Brent Burns on the stage, with Carlson manning the right wing, which was good for a few goals but recently fell asleep in March. It should be noted that the Sharks were 0 out of 3 in their last game against the Arizona Coyotes.

Middleton was part of the second power unit, leaving room for a possible newcomer. The selection is poor, but a new look of the second unit may result in healthy competition between the two units, to return from 20th / 21st place in the league.

Pay attention to the wings

The Flames have four wingers in their big nine who have already scored 40 points or more. Johnny Gadro, himself, has double that number. It is a great danger to defend against it in the wings. As Calgary’s powerful attack buzzes down the section, the sharks will have to wear the cloak because of their usual heroism to block firing. It may be difficult to do that when Middleton and Cogliano are gone, and will likely be replaced by more talented attacking players like Ryan Markley or John Leonard.

But the effort needs to expand beyond that. Against the Coyotes, the Sharks did not mark key players, which almost cost them the game. Phil Kessel, despite being goalless in his previous 14 games, was able to take advantage of the Sharks ’soothing defense during the rush hour. This is where sharks need to make sure they kill plays, especially when Gadro or Takachuk are on the ice.

Bold forecast: San Jose could do a better season, but get a shining star in a third win over the Pacific Division team in first place this season. Score: 4-3.

San Jose Sharks at Calgary Flames Preview: Measuring the heat Source link San Jose Sharks at Calgary Flames Preview: Measuring the heat

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