San Francisco schools to reopen starting April 12 under deal reached with teachers union

According to newspaper reports, school officials in San Francisco will resume classrooms for the youngest students from April 12 under a tentative agreement with the Teachers Union.

The agreement was announced late Friday after months of debate about when and how children would return to face-to-face instruction as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations declined across the state.

San Francisco Unified School District officials said in a statement that they had reached an agreement with the teachers union to “return as many students in the Focus Group as possible five days a week, almost a full day.” Chronicle report.

According to the newspaper, these groups are primarily from kindergarten to fifth grade, but 24 of the 64 primary schools will definitely reopen in April. It is still unclear how many of the district’s 52,000 students will return before the semester ends on June 2.

The school board still needs to vote for the deal.

Officials said it is very unlikely that junior high and high school students will return to the classroom this year. District representatives declined to comment on the deal before a press conference on Monday.

“This agreement looks like a return to face-to-face instruction for metropolitan educators, students and families in months,” said Susan Solomon, president of United Educators in San Francisco, in a statement. It’s the result of adapting and rethinking across the board. ” Like a pandemic. “

Throughout San Francisco Bay, Oakland students can also return to the classroom within a few weeks. It starts with the youngest child and the highest risk student in all grades. Chronicle report. According to a letter sent to the family by the Auckland Unified School District last week, the goal is to reopen the first school between mid-March and late March.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a plan on Friday to allow California’s public schools to use $ 2 billion in funding to encourage the district to reopen classrooms by the end of March.

The law does not require the school district to resume direct instruction. Instead, the state is hanging money in front of the underfunded school board, offering them a share only if they start direct instruction by the end of the month. The remaining $ 4.6 billion that the state has recently set aside for schools will be used to help students catch up.

In California, the new law has attracted bipartisan support and contempt equally, and Democratic governors and lawmakers have said it has made significant progress, but far from complete.

Teachers from some of the largest districts opposed it, saying that the infection rate had dropped and schools could not be reopened until enough educators were vaccinated.

California companies were opened and closed by pandemic ups and downs, but many school boards were willing to return students to the classroom because they struggled with the costs of implementing safety standards and negotiating with teachers’ unions. ..

However, as the incidence of new cases of coronavirus continues to decline and more people are vaccinated, politicians and parents are pressing the district to return to direct learning before the end of the school year.

San Francisco schools to reopen starting April 12 under deal reached with teachers union Source link San Francisco schools to reopen starting April 12 under deal reached with teachers union

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