San Francisco police preparing for pro-Trump rally at Twitter headquarters

San Francisco (KGO)-San Francisco police are preparing for a possible protest at Twitter headquarters today after the social media platform has suspended President Trump’s account.

A barricade was set up in front of Twitter on Market and 9th. Employees have been working from home since March.

Twitter banned President Donald Trump’s account on Friday, citing “the risk of further incitement to violence” following the deadly riots at the US Capitol on Wednesday.

Twitter has long given Trump and other world leaders a broad exemption from the rules for personal attacks, hate speech, and other actions. But, A detailed description posted on the blog on Friday, According to the company, Trump’s recent tweets corresponded to beautification of violence when read in the context of the Capitol riots, online for future armed protests over Joe Biden’s inauguration in the presidential election. It will spread.

Social platforms have been under increasing pressure to take further action against Trump after Wednesday’s violence. On Thursday, Facebook suspended Trump’s account until January 20th and perhaps indefinitely. Twitter only suspended Trump’s account for 12 hours after posting a video praising the riots that attacked the Capitol, repeating false allegations about election fraud.

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The official account of the President of the United States @POTUS remains valid. In fact, on Friday night, Trump released a statement accusing Twitter of being an enemy of free speech and highlighting the idea that he might build his own “platform,” posting it on his @POTUS account and soon. It was deleted in.

Twitter also suspended its @TeamTrump campaign account after trying to post the same message that President Trump posted to @POTUS.

Twitter violates that rule by using another account to avoid suspension, and does not ban government accounts like @ POTUS and @WhiteHouse, but “to limit their use. Will take measures. “

In Trump’s tweet quoted on Twitter, Trump said he would not attend the inauguration, calling his supporters “American patriots” and having a “huge voice in the future.” Said. Twitter has received and understood that these statements “may inspire others to recreate the violence that took place on January 6, 2021 and encourage them to do so. There are multiple indicators that show that. “

Twitter’s policy allows world leaders to talk to the general public, but these accounts “do not completely exceed our rules” and use Twitter to incite violence. He said he couldn’t. Trump had about 89 million followers. Twitter’s share fell about 4% in after-hours trading, reflecting concerns that a ban on playing cards could reduce usage and ad sales.

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San Francisco police preparing for pro-Trump rally at Twitter headquarters Source link San Francisco police preparing for pro-Trump rally at Twitter headquarters

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