San Francisco Bay Area researchers find possible breakthrough in treating traumatic brain injuries

San Francisco (KGO)-Millions of patients suffer from the lifelong effects of traumatic brain injury, from battlefield explosions to severe sports injuries. Treating symptoms is often a frustrating challenge.

Now there is hope for a possible breakthrough.

In her lab at the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco, researchers Jeanne Paz, Ph.D. Is studying the circuits that relay messages in the brain and trying to understand how messages change after traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI.

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Her team began investigating these signals using animal models. They finally identified a disruption in an important area of ​​the brain. This can be associated with many long-term symptoms, from insomnia to seizures. And along with that, there is also the possibility of a suspect.

“We found that after traumatic brain injury, there is upregulation in this molecule called C1q, especially in the deep brain region called the thalamus. Blocking this molecule prevents chronic neuronal loss. It was possible, and the occurrence of chronic inflammation and sleep disorders and epileptic spikes, “explains Path.

In other words, the main symptom of TBI.

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The blocker they used was an antibody developed by South San Francisco-based Annexon Biosciences. Ted Yednock, Ph.D. Is Chief Innovation Officer.

“There is really no cure for traumatic brain injury, especially the development of neurodegenerative processes. So what’s really interesting in Dr. Path’s study is that it can be treated even 24 hours after the injury.” Use our remedies to block this process, “says Yednock.

The company is already conducting clinical trials of inhibitors to treat ALS and other symptoms, and if the results are promising, it may expand to TBI in the future. There are many causes, from car accidents to simple falls, and it is estimated that approximately 69 million people worldwide suffer from traumatic brain injury each year.

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Dr. Stephanie Holden, who worked for the Gladstone team, believes that post-injury treatment can be life-changing.

“There may be potential treatments, working with people who have survived brain damage in the past, volunteering, understanding the hardships they are experiencing in their daily lives, and so on. It really makes sense for me personally, because the symptoms they experienced would be really, really powerful, “says Holden.

Researchers say the antibodies being tested by Nexon Bioscience have already been shown to be safe for humans.

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San Francisco Bay Area researchers find possible breakthrough in treating traumatic brain injuries Source link San Francisco Bay Area researchers find possible breakthrough in treating traumatic brain injuries

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