San Francisco 4/20 Billboard Promises ‘Get Free NFTs When You Buy Weed’

We’re peaking in 2022 in San Francisco as a fresh new 4/20 billboard on Mission Street and Geneva Street proclaims, “Get Free NFTs when you buy weed.”

Holy smokes that high holiday from 20.4 is with us now. Here in SF, that means thousands of stoners are currently visiting Golden Gate Park first 4/20 at hippie hill since 2019that’s pretty historical because this will be the one first 4/20 with legal cannabis sales in the park as pharmacies are allowed to set up stalls and do business.

But there are many other non-hippy Hill 4/20 celebrations it also burns, it smokes weed so eagerly traditionally crammed in long lines across town to stock up on their smoke. And so many pharmacies are getting as creative as they can with their discounts and promotions while competing for those sweet stoner dollars.

Which brings us to a fresh new billboard that has just been installed on Mission Street and Geneva Street. “Releasing 04/20/2022,” the billboard reads, “Get free NFTs when you buy weed.”

Image: Joe Kukura, SFist

What the hell? is this legit To understand what’s going on here, we need to unpack the many things we see on this billboard.

There are many legal restrictions on cannabis advertising, which means fewer opportunities to place ads. This results in many cannabis ads appearing side-by-side with multiple different brand names, a concerted effort, if you will, to maximize the limited inventory of ad space available.

Image: Joe Kukura, SFist

This billboard is no different. We see the name of the pharmacy in San Francisco Mission Bio (that’s a block and a half up the street), the native marijuana brand name SF rootsand apparently another collective called the Cannabis Culture Crypto Club.

This “club” does not list a website, nor does the billboard provide a QR code. But it does list a channel name on messaging and chat service Discord, “@TheCCCClub.”

Screenshot: Discord

Well, if you look up that name on Discord, we get a “No results found” message – so it looks like they’re working at stoner speed to make this launch possible.

The same happens with or without the @ sign when searching. When we google “@TheCCCClub” our results show, sigh, a Twitter account for a “Breakfast & After School Club and Holiday Club” in Telegraph Hill, London.

There is a slightly differently named one Crypto Cannabis Clubwhich, according to their own description, “Our goal is to bring the most exclusive cannabis experiences in the Metaverse and the real world to the NFT owners in our community.” This association does NFT actionsWhich Forbes reports they call one “NFToker,” and admittedly that’s pretty funny.

SFist reached out to Mission Organic and the Crypto Cannabis Club to try and understand this and we will update this post with any response. Granted, April 20th is one of the busiest days of the year in this racket, so we might not hear an immediate response.

But we were trying to close this blockchain-free weed deal and all we found were roadblocks.

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Image: Joe Kukura, SFist

San Francisco 4/20 Billboard Promises ‘Get Free NFTs When You Buy Weed’ Source link San Francisco 4/20 Billboard Promises ‘Get Free NFTs When You Buy Weed’

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