San Diego driving instructor accused of groping 16-year-old girl during lesson

A driving instructor faces a faulty battery charge and other charges after a 16-year-old student accused him of stroking her – parking in a semi-isolated area and massaging her thighs, calves and entire back – during a lesson last fall.

The 44-year-old instructor pleaded not guilty last month to the San Diego Supreme Court on all three charges, which also include false imprisonment and harassment.

According to the San Diego Prosecutor’s Office, the teenager said that her instructor massaged her and kissed her hand and ordered her to park near the island of Fiesta where he massaged her during a two-hour class on September 30.

Details of the case are contained in the affidavit of the deputy prosecutor of the city of Cameron Haas who requests an arrest warrant for the trainer. An employee at the driving school where he worked referred the investigation to the instructor’s defense lawyer, Ari Lieberman, who said his client “absolutely denies the charges against him”.

Lieberman said in an email that his client “works very hard as his family’s sole beneficiary and supports her financially. “He would never risk or think of doing anything to endanger his family life.”

In the affidavit, the teenager said the instructor took her from La Jolla’s school for the pre-arranged driving lesson. As they drove, she said, she commented on her appearance and asked if she had a boyfriend.

After showing her how to park, he massaged her hand, said she was a boxer and then massaged her thigh under her skirt. He then instructed her to drive to a spot near Fiesta Island, where they parked and massaged her all over her legs and back. He also told her he was free and invited her home for a full body massage, according to the affidavit.

The victim – who said she froze during the meeting – asked him to leave her in a cafe instead of her house so she would not know where she was staying.

Lieberman said his client has provided driver training to more than 500 students and “has completed about 5,000 rides with Uber and is rated 4.95 stars”.

“These allegations are extremely inconsistent with his work history and reputation,” the lawyer said.

The city prosecutor’s office asked anyone with information about the case to contact their office.

Misdemeanor charges generally carry possible sentences of six months or one year, as well as fines.

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San Diego driving instructor accused of groping 16-year-old girl during lesson Source link San Diego driving instructor accused of groping 16-year-old girl during lesson

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