San Diego DJ, L.A. Engineer Settle His Lawsuit Alleging She Defamed Him on Social Media

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A San Diego-based DJ and producer and a woman who sued, claiming she falsely wrote on Twitter that she had been sexually assaulted, agreed his treatment.

Lawyers for Geoffrey Boss, also known as STUCA and Elestu, and Madyson “Mady” Ward, announced the agreement during a hearing Friday in Santa Monica Supreme Court Mark H. Epstein. No terms were disclosed.

Boss claimed that she falsely accused him of rejecting her attempts to resume their romantic relationship. Ward, however, claims that she only wanted a platonic relationship and had to deal with Boss’s unwanted advances.

In their own court documents, Ward’s lawyers said the defendant is a software engineer who lived in Los Angeles and became a fan of electronic dance music in 2019.

Following his meeting with Boss, Ward received unwanted advances, including forced friendship from him, according to court documents filed by her lawyers. He also claims that he suffered panic attacks when he opposed his desire for an exclusive relationship.

“While she was still worried about the reaction she knew she would have when she spoke openly, she did not want other women to go through what she went through and felt validated when many women spread it out to thank her for speaking up and sharing their own experiences with him. “Boss,” Ward’s lawyers wrote.

The boss tells a different story.

The DJ filed a defamation suit last September 21, seeking unspecified damages and punitive damages, and a court order asking Ward to remove any such statements that remain online.

Boss and Ward met in 2021 on social media, developed a friendship, met in person in March of that year and soon began a love affair, the suit said. Ward never told Boss that she did not want to be familiar with the plaintiff before, during or after their first such meeting.

“In fact, Ward occasionally started intimate and sexual activities with Boss,” according to the lawsuit.

Ward also sent Boss sexually charged text messages after engaging in sexual activity, the lawsuit said.

Last May, however, a friend and colleague of Boss’ told the plaintiff that he also had sex with Ward, the lawsuit said. Ward initially denied having an affair with his girlfriend, but eventually confessed to having an ongoing relationship with the other man after Boss confronted her.

Ward also admitted to having sex with another member of Boss’s circle, according to the lawsuit. As a result, Boss ended his close relationship with her and told her that they could still be friends.

For the next two weeks, Ward tried to revive his close relationship with Boss, but insisted on remaining platonic, the suit said. By the end of last May, after Boss had repeatedly rejected Ward’s attempts to rekindle their romance, her attitude towards Boss became unstable and she accused him of playing games with her.

Boss stopped contacting her after giving his phone number last June to a friend she did not know, who called the plaintiff, his lawyers wrote.

About two months later, Ward wrote on Twitter: “Earlier this year, I was sexually assaulted by Geoff Boss – otherwise known as @ stucamusic / @ elestumusic,” followed by a lengthy statement that began: “Today I’re going forward to share “with me how I was sexually assaulted by Stuca / Elestu / Geoff Boss,” the lawsuit said.

“Contrary to the tweet and statement, Ward consented to any intimate and sexual activity between Boss and Ward and sometimes explicitly requested intimate and sexual activity,” the lawsuit said.

The alleged defamation remarks caused Boss embarrassment and embarrassment, as well as a loss of income after the cancellation of his invitations to appear at several concerts and festivals, according to the lawsuit. He has also lost a lot of fans, according to the costume.

The boss, from the @stucamusic account, previously active on Twitter, has not posted since Denial August 17 of Ward’s accusations. In the post, he described as “catastrophic that someone was fabricating this scenario”.

– City news service

San Diego DJ, L.A. Engineer Settle His Lawsuit Alleging She Defamed Him on Social Media Source link San Diego DJ, L.A. Engineer Settle His Lawsuit Alleging She Defamed Him on Social Media

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