San Diego County’s COVID-19 Hospitalizations Decrease By 15

Hospitalization COVID-19
Medical staff treat a coronavirus patient in his isolation room at the Intensive Care Unit on January 4, 2022. REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton

The number of people being treated for coronavirus infection in San Diego County has dropped from 15 to 174, according to the latest state figures.

The number of these patients in the intensive care unit has decreased by two to 24 since Monday. The number of available hospital beds has increased by 20 to 243.

San Diego County Health and Human Services Department reported 1,897 new COVID-19 infections and four additional deaths on Thursday as the rate of new local infections continued to rise.

On Tuesday alone, less than 1,000 new infections were reported last week with 917. A total of 8,854 cases were reported in the county last week, compared with 7,008 the previous week, a 26% increase.

The county reports COVID-19 data only on Mondays and Thursdays, but did not update its online data until noon on Memorial Day.

The numbers represent only cases reported in county or hospital areas. As the proliferation of home trials has increased, the actual number of infections is likely to be higher.

Thursday’s data increased the county’s cumulative totals to 784,203 infections and 5,288 deaths.

Meanwhile, elected officials met Thursday at the Regional Center for Monoclonal Antibodies in Clairmont to highlight available treatment options for COVID-19.

“San Diego County is a national leader in vaccine distribution and we are recognized for our efforts to remove barriers to treatment for COVID-19,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Nathan Fletcher. “Together with our partners in the state and the city, we have created treatment centers that continue to serve the people of San Diego as we learn to live with the virus.

“As COVID-19 cases increase, we want San Diego to know that there are treatment options and that our county remains committed to keeping them safe,” he said.

On February 9, 2021, the county delivered its first monoclonal treatment and is expected to surpass the 10,000th treatment given in the following days. MARC locations in Clairmont, Vista, Hillcrest and Chula Vista are open to the public. By making an appointment, patients can receive the latest antiviral pill or monoclonal antibody treatment. To make an appointment, call 619-685-2500.

“With COVID cases on the rise again, San Diego residents should know that antibiotic treatments for COVID are safe, free thanks to President Biden’s US Rescue Plan, and very effective in keeping COVID cases mild.” said San Diego City Councilor Jennifer Campbell. “When we first opened this treatment center in Clairmont, I never imagined I would be sick here, but it saved my life and I want every San Diego elderly person to know that this effective, free treatment is available to them.”

More than 2.96 million or 94.1% of San Diego residents aged 5 and over are at least partially vaccinated, while more than 2.62 million or 83.4% are fully vaccinated. A total of 1,330,530 or 58.5% of the 2,273,207 eligible residents of San Diego have received reinforcements.

– City news service

San Diego County’s COVID-19 Hospitalizations Decrease By 15 Source link San Diego County’s COVID-19 Hospitalizations Decrease By 15

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