San Diego County saw a rise in violent crime, property crime in 2021 –

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Violent crime in San Diego County has risen to 2021, according to a report released Tuesday by the Union of San Diego Governments.

The annual report, “42 Years of Crime in the San Diego Area: 1980 to 2021,” found that homicide, rape and aggravated crime increased by 3%, 11% and 12% respectively in 2021.

“While 2021 crime rates are historically low for our region, violent crime and property crime increased last year,” said SANDAG Senior Data Science Director Cynthia Burke. “Using data collected by SANDAG over the past four decades, we have a much better understanding of crime patterns in our communities, helping public security services and policymakers develop mitigation strategies that are more effective in addressing what is happening today.”

For homicide cases where the motive could be determined, 32% involved quarrels and 18% related to gangs. Gun attacks increased by 18%. Violent crime against the elderly increased by 10% and reported domestic violence increased by 3%. The arsons decreased by 18%.

Robbery, also classified as violent crime, fell to its lowest levels in 2021 since SANDAG began measuring crime rates in the region. Burglaries were at an all-time low in 2021, and compared with rates since 1980, they continued a nine-year downward trend.

Property crime rates have risen by 9% since 2020, with almost one in 68 residents falling victim. Nevertheless, anti-property crime rates are still the second lowest in 42 years. Theft of car parts increased by 71%, with catalytic converters being stolen more often.

According to the new SANDAG report, an average of $ 668,000 was stolen per day in 2021 and only about a third of the value of the stolen property was recovered.

SANDAG has been reporting regional crime statistics for the San Diego area since 1980, publishing reports on crime rates, arrests, drug use, and an annual public security spending report for the area – to be published later this year.

San Diego County saw a rise in violent crime, property crime in 2021 – Source link San Diego County saw a rise in violent crime, property crime in 2021 –

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