Sammi Giancola Claps Back at Cruel Comments From Fans: She Can’t Keep a Man!

When it was first revealed Jersey Shore would return to MTV, the audience’s enthusiasm was dampened by one depressing detail:

A favorite of fans Sammi Giancola would not attend on restart.

Sammi was engaged to Christian Biscard at the time, and she argued that her relationship would probably not be good if she lived cohabiting on national television with her most precarious ex-husband.

Sammi and Christian have since divorcedbut he still doesn’t seem interested in going back to the series that made him famous.

And his reluctance seems to confirm what many fans suspected from the beginning:

For Sam’s decision had nothing to do with Christian, but was related to the beating he suffered at the hands of Ronnie Magro.

Giancola has never said this directly, but nonetheless, her situation deserves respect and privacy, especially when she has made a conscious decision to withdraw from reality TV and all the unwanted attention associated with it.

So of course a handful of Instagram comments give him that opposite out of respect and privacy and toasting Sammi from his past in the romance department.

These days, Sammi is dating Justin Mayand nisders says it is the happiest and healthiest relationship he has ever had.

Despite these reports, Giancola’s own Instagram commentators have toasted her for not being married yet.

“C’mon Sammi ‘Keep A Man’ Sweetheart,” one particularly cruel “fan,” wrote in the comments above.

Sammi is usually pretty good at ignoring haters, but this time he felt the need to clap:

“‘Keep a man,’ if it’s not worth ‘staying’ with someone worthless,” Sammi replied.

Some fans misinterpreted the comment as a kind of resignation – Giancola’s habit of saying he and Justin are no longer together.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Instead, it seems that Sammi did something she does very rarely, that is, discuss her past differences.

Without mentioning Ronnie or Christian by name, she made it abundantly clear that she did not regret these differences because she felt that both men were worthless.

Based on what we’ve seen, we tend to agree – at least on Ronnie’s part.

Fortunately, most of those who commented on Sammi’s latest post praised the praiseworthy:

“I love that you are loyal to yourself and not just for money. God bless!” one person wrote by Life & Style.

“Sammi you are so beautiful,” another exclaimed.

The third pointed out that Sammi seems to have remained loyal to the spirit of GTL:

“I absolutely love that you’re the only tan! Lol,” they wrote.

And as always, many fans asked Samm to come back Jersey Shore concession:

“Can we see you next season, ‘a family vacation’ pretty good, ‘” wrote one such commentator.

Of course, Sammi did not respond to these comments.

And unfortunately, at this point, it seems highly unlikely that Miss Giancola will ever return to the world of reality TV.

We believe that fans just have to take comfort in the knowledge that he looks pretty happy in the life he has chosen.

Sammi Giancola Claps Back at Cruel Comments From Fans: She Can’t Keep a Man! Source link Sammi Giancola Claps Back at Cruel Comments From Fans: She Can’t Keep a Man!

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