Saints Jameis Winston Said Tampa Bay Bucs LBs Planned To Take Him Out Of The Game


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Saints Jameis Winston says Tampa Bay Bucs LBs plan to take him out of game

Yes. Finally, someone has said what we, you and I, already knew: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebackers have plans to take Jameis Winston away from the highly anticipated competition that will compete with his old team with his new team, the New Orleans Saints, with him. The Bucs once called the franchise sign, playing against them, and on Monday Night Football, to end it all.

It’s Tom Brady with Jameis Winston for the NFC South Supremacy, and Winston has proven every bit as good as Tom Brady, leading his Saints to a 7-all tie. Winston, in his own territory, ran left to avoid the Bucs’ blitz rush, and was tackled, then collared by Tampa’s 2018 NFL Draft 1st Round Pick Devin White. The result was a torn ACL. But, before the fold, the action provoked the Saints Defense and the Bucs, with Trevor Siemian in the power of Winston, won the competition going, 36 to 27.

In response to the injury to his former quarterback, Bucs teammate Antoine Whitfield mocked him by using the “Eating AW” sign Jameis is known for. All in all, it looks like the Bucs are trying to get Winston out of the game.

In a video made by Jonathan Barnes and posted on Twitter, it looks like Jameis Winston saw what was happening during the game. “I heard, during the huddle, ‘You or me? You or I take Jameis out,'” Winston said. Then Jameis swore he heard Tom Brady say “Let’s go” — with Jameis playing his voice as he imitated Brady.

All in all, Winston just wanted, as he said, to finish the game, and the idea of ​​facing the Bucs and revenge was the main thing in his mind.

Compared to last year’s team, this version of the Saints 2022 looks like a true champion. More recently, he has added the right players in the right positions to find, at least on the computer, a better team. Along with the new catchers, Jarvis Landry and new pitcher Chris Olave were joined by the man back from injury they called “Can’t Guard Mike”, Michael Thomas, and the sin of hitting the ball, the saints said. will give the Bucs a decent D this year, and complement his strong defense.

Many people choose Jameis Winston as the “Comeback Player of The Year” for 2022. But from his words, it is clear that Mr. Winston wants to do more than just come back. He loves to eat, and eat well.

Be quiet.

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Saints Jameis Winston Said Tampa Bay Bucs LBs Planned To Take Him Out Of The Game Source link Saints Jameis Winston Said Tampa Bay Bucs LBs Planned To Take Him Out Of The Game

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